A Mother’s Beauty

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My mom has been one of the most consistent examples in my life. I love that there is a day dedicated to celebrate her sweet sacrifices for being the most present mom, her deeply consistent love, and her nurturing spirit. She is a woman that not only represents class and femininity, but carries a passion to impart the importance of understanding who we are as women. It is such a beautiful quality that I will always hold near to me.
Growing up, I watched my mom so closely, and was enamored by her foundational beauty. Her character and her deep-hearted love for people radiate so much intention and joy. I also am amazed by her organically stunning physical appearance – she exudes peace and joy and seeks wellness is all things! Not to mention, she truly is a warrior. What she has so gracefully endured throughout her life has been enlightening to watch, and what I love about her most is that she is always growing in awareness of herself. She is willing to share her story. She is willing to engage in her own faults and shortcomings. She is willing to help others by sharing her mistakes. She is willing to grow and change and shift. What a blessing she is.
My mom was right when she taught us to dress in a way that reflects our self-value. She was right when she showed me the importance of following our passions without fear. She was right when she taught me how to create boundaries by teaching me that saying no is okay! She was right about journaling our prayers, thoughts, and disappointments. She was right about seeking wisdom from truth – the Bible and Jesus. She was right about finding time to rest. She was right about cooking with food that feeds our body with health. She was right about staying active! She was right about living in freedom. She was right about giving endless hugs! I love my mom so much, and I love that there is a day to recognize and celebrate her impact on my life! It was an extra joy getting to do this fun photo shoot together in the Eileen Fisher Spring Collection, too!
images by felicia lasala 
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  • Amanda Howard

    Lauren this post is so beautiful it moved me to tears , how genuinely and lovingly you spoke about your beautiful mother. This is such a special post and I hope that your mother has the best day on Sunday. xo

  • Cheryl scruggs

    Lola, waking up to this today just made my heart burst wide open with LOVE ❤️- and tears Ha Ha. …. being a mom to you and Britt is a gift from God beyond what words can express. Thank u for your deep Love and genuineness— and I thank Jesus everyday for blessing me with you

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