A Constant and Comforting Dialogue

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Hey friends! Melissa, here. Today I want to share a spiritual practice that brings me so much comfort and peace. It is something that will help always, no matter what the situation or circumstance is, which is such a blessing! That something is having a constant and comforting dialogue with the Lord. For the life of me I cannot remember where I first heard this, whether it was in Church, Dr. Charles Stanley, in a Judah Smith book, or on Proverbs31, but somewhere along the way a wise person said or wrote that constantly communicating with Jesus throughout your day in a casual, talking-and-listening, informal kind of way, just like you do with a close friend, is a huge part in having a close, trusting, and amazing relationship with Jesus. In the past I would find myself going through my day without intentionally bringing Jesus in during the small, everyday moments. However, by bringing Him in on the big things, the little things, and everything in between, He becomes our focus and friend through everything.


Listening to worship music is something else that brings so much comfort and keeps my focus on Him, His love, and His plan. Elevation Worship radio on Spotify is my favorite- it plays a wonderful mix of Elevation Worship, Hillsong United, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, plus many more talented artists. Having worship music play in my apartment in the mornings and evenings while blogging, tidying up, cooking, getting ready is another way to keep my focus on Him while doing other tasks. It creates a peaceful atmosphere, bringing me a sense of lightness and pure joy, free of any doubts or worries that might try to swirl around in my head.


Recently I went through a very difficult breakup, and Lo gave me the best advice. I remember her telling me on the phone to just get still, turn on worship music, pray and listen for the Lord. I did just that, and after some time I was filled with a sweet peace and clarity that I had been praying for. No matter what, if things are good or difficult right now, listening to worship music, getting still, praying constantly, listening, and opening up His word are all things that will bring you comfort and peace. xo


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  • Maria

    Thanks for posting this! I needed it. I’m going through a similar situation. I know that God lead me to see this so I am calm. For some reason since the break up I have been thinking about a passage in the still Lolo book where Lauren mentions a boyfriend who she was on and off with, but it eventually ended. He wasn’t the one but then she met Jason. God had the perfect partner for her. I’m hoping that God has similar plans for me, even though I still think of my ex. I have also been seeing different posts on Instagram that I truly believe God is using to send me a message. One of them is a verse that says there’s great joy ahead. Another post said to not settle and the last time I had plans to see him I saw a quote multiple times that said ” do not look back.” I just find all of this amazing. Thanks again!

    • Melissa Mayer

      Praying for you! Breakups are so hard, but keeping our focus on the Lord and what His plan is for us will help us get through this emotionally tough season of transition. Proverbs 3:5-6 has been helping me a lot lately- “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Also, Proverbs31.org is an amazing resource; their FB and IG accounts are incredible, where they share daily quotes that are encouraging and full of so much hope! The founder of the site, Lysa Terkeurst, also has a great book called Uninvited. If you haven’t read it, now would be a great time to do so!! I had read it, but have been re-reading during this break-up season, and it has brought me a great deal of comfort. Praying for you. With love, Melissa.

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