Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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Melissa, here! I am sharing a green smoothie bowl recipe that I make almost every morning for breakfast. On the mornings that I don’t have this, I have a smoothie drink, plus an english muffin with almond butter (or avocado), or scrambled eggs with turmeric. Since this smoothie bowl is so filling and satisfying, having it is definitely enough for me. It keeps me feeling full and energized throughout the entire morning. Below are the ingredients and directions!


1 frozen organic banana

1 handful of organic spinach

1 handful of organic frozen blueberries

1/2 avocado

1 cup almond milk

1 tablespoon spirulina (I like the one from Whole Foods)

1 tablespoon hemp powder

1 tablespoon bee pollen

1 tablespoon maca

1 tablespoon ashwagandha

1 tablespoon of a moon dust (I have tried beauty and spirit)


Put everything in the blender and blend it up until smooth and creamy! Then top with granola + a scoop of almond butter. It would also be so yummy with fresh berries on top. Enjoy! -M



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