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Hey guys! Melissa here and I am so excited to share a Q&A that we did with an amazing yoga instructor, health coach, and clean-living-guru from my hometown of Annapolis, MD. Meet Emily Vendemmia! Emily is such an inspiring woman and I am so grateful to know her. One day while taking a yoga class taught by her, the thought came to my mind that I should ask her about doing a Q&A for LSK. I am so happy that I listened to that thought and that Emily was on board! Below you will get to know Emily and learn some healthy insights from her; she is such a great source of health and happiness knowledge! Enjoy xo
-When did you start practicing yoga and how did you fall in love with it? 
I started practicing in yoga in 2005. I was going to the gym a lot and could never seem to find the results I wanted! I knew I could build muscle but I wanted to be less puffy and more consistently energetic. From my first yoga class, I could feel my muscles working in a different, healthier way and I immediately understood how the practice would help with anxiety.
-We love how you and your husband own the business together! What is it like working with your husband and managing the three yoga studios? 
I think the the key is delegating the small responsibilities. He and I are both so driven that sometimes we step on each other’s toes when we work on too many things together. Over the last ten years, we’ve figured out which little jobs each of us are better suited for, and that gives us more time to brainstorm together on the bigger projects.
-Your passion for yoga, clean eating, and healthy living inspires us so much! What is your biggest piece of advice for people wanting to make a lifestyle change in order to feel better from within?
Stick to it!! Whatever you try, a new eating plan, a new form of exercise, stick with it! Very few people can understand how their body or mind will change with a plan of doing three new yoga classes, three days of a new workout, or eating grain free for three days. The consistency over 30, 40 or even 60 days is huge! Even if you don’t stick with something after a long period of time, you’re educating yourself about your overall wellness and you’ve created a foundation for you to return if you wish.
-Tell us about your coaching career! What do you enjoy most about it? 
The success stories, of course! The various plans work so well when they implemented properly and I love seeing the new clothes people buy or the new confidence that is gained.
-What is your go-to breakfast?
My favorite breakfast would be water and flesh of one young coconut mixed with chocolate Shakeology. My go-to would be just Shakeology with water.
-Your two little ones are so adorable. What is your approach with them when it comes to healthy foods? Are they picky or open to trying new things?
Our approach with our kids’ diets has always been to find the healthier substitute of what most kids would normally want. If they want potato chips, we give them these and if they want chocolate, we give them these– the less ingredients, the better! My son (4-years old) is so picky. He’s never had Oreos or other really junky foods like that, so he’s not obsessed with sugar, but he’s still picky when it comes to anything cooked. He does love Larabars and hummus, thankfully.Our daughter (2-years old) eats everything! So, she has no processed foods in her diet. She loves beets, almond butter, coconut yogurt, everything!
-It is no secret that you are one hardworking and successful woman! Any tips on balancing it all between family, work, self care, and other responsibilities?
Among the many benefits of a yoga practice, I have gained more awareness. I’ve become more aware of when I’m feeling stressed, when the kids need more attention, when Philip and I haven’t had a date night in a while, etc. Being aware of myself and the folks around me helps me to balance everything MOST of the time. A good glass of wine helps me to balance everything during the tougher times. 🙂
-The yoga teachers you have hired at APY are truly amazing. What is the yoga community like? How did you meet most of the girls? 
Most of our teachers were students of ours first and showed an interest in teacher trainings at different times throughout their practice. We spend a lot of time helping the teachers with their continuing education and we see this directly helping our students.
-I always feel so, SO good after taking a yoga class with you. What is it about teaching that keeps you inspired and keeps you going?
Teaching yoga could never get boring for me. In any given class of 20 people, 5 are probably overweight, 5 are probably tight from running, 5 probably have difficulty with strength and 5 probably have probably never done yoga before! Each class is different.
The motivation of the students is always the most inspiring aspect of any given class. It’s my job to better understand that motivation and create an environment for the student’s practices to grow.
-Do you have a positive mantra that you live by? If so, we would love it if you could share! 
I always liked the Seinfeld quote “Your blessing in life is when you find the torture you’re comfortable with.” We can all go through life and be unhappy about our responsibilities; to our kids, to our friends, to ourselves. But, when we find that balance, or as he puts it “the torture we are comfortable with” it truly is a blessing and happiness is usually a great consequence.

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