Beautiful Skin with True Botanicals

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Finding skincare products that are made with organic, safe ingredients is something that we are so passionate about at LSK. We love taking the time to build a skincare routine that we look forward to each morning and night; one that is simple, enjoyable, and nourishing. True Botanicals was so kind to send us products to test and we are so grateful for the opportunity! Achieving beautiful skin with True Botanicals is more than possible, but better than that, your skin will be healthy, pure, and well-nourished from deep within. Their mission is to create a line of luxury skincare products crafted with a high quantity of high quality ingredients; completely free of ingredients that are harmful to our health. We are so inspired by the founders of True Botanicals and their passionate commitment to creating products made of botanicals that help heal. We are blown away by the products that we tested and cannot wait to share the details- see below!

Hydrating Cleanser: A refreshing cleanser that is effective in removing dirt and leaving your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, and hydrated.

Resurfacing Mask: Intended to be used once or twice a week in the evening; deeply exfoliating and encouraging of luminosity of the skin.

Pure Radiance Oil: For use during the day or at night before bed; during the day it can be used pre-sunscreen to help sunscreen apply flawlessly. Pre bedtime, it will help encourage a healthy glow that develops over time.

Nutrient Mist: A refreshing spritz for a daily-pick-me-up for your face. Made with nutrients and anti-oxidants that leave your face feeling hydrated and healthy.

Pre Cleanse Oil: Created to be used before your cleanser, the pre cleanse oil removes gunk from your pores and prepares the skin for cleansing, promoting beautiful dewy skin.


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