Standing With Confidence

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Standing with confidence is such a powerful tool. Being confident in yourself opens doors to possibilities, encourages a state of inner peace, and allows you to be who you are meant to be. My aunt recently bought me this incredible book and the timing could not have been more wonderful. I have been thinking about confidence a lot lately and this book provides great tips on how to stand confidently, think confidently, and live confidently in every aspect of your life.

Over lunch the other day, I was telling my aunt how I have recently been feeling a sense of being physically grounded; it is a hard sensation to describe, but basically a sort of heaviness on the ground, not a burdened heaviness, but a sense of being firmly planted on the ground in a strong, stable way.

Later that day, she bought me I Want To Be Confident by Harriet Griffey, and as I started to flip through the book I came across this passage in the Physical Confidence chapter: “Stay Grounded. Feel the contact with the ground (or floor) and be aware of how solid, stable, secure, and reliable if feels. Connect with that and this will, in turn, make you feel more secure, stable and confident, up through your body.”- Page 55. I was blown away by the timing of reading these words, since it definitely confirmed what I had been feeling! Connecting with the ground in this confident way, will make your body and mind feel confident in its ability to handle whatever might come your way.

I believe that it works the other way around as well; as you begin to feel a strengthening of your inner confidence, your physical stance will reflect that strength. Self-confidence is a journey and it naturally has ups and downs, depending on the seasons of your personal life, but the goal is to have an unwavering sense of confidence that cannot be shaken. I am on the self-confidence journey as we speak, and I would love to walk with you if developing inner confidence is something that you are working on, too.

Next week we will be discussing spiritual confidence in Part 2 of Standing With Confidence. Until then, we would love to hear your thoughts on confidence in the comment section below. xo melissa

  • Lisa Downer

    I feel like confidence comes from letting go. It’s a freedom. At least for me. I was always the kid and adult in our family that was the overachiever and very successful where my brother struggled to find his footing and often lived with my husband. He was always very charismatic but always running into trouble. He and I were always close but I must admit I liked that I was always the golden child. Then I got divorced out of the blue. My husband left and a couple years later my health declined rapidly in my mid 30’s. I couldn’t work as much and my business, which I own, is commission based so it hit my income hard. I was diagnosed with Lupusand more recently Addison’s disease. I lost all my hair and gained 65 lbs and became almost home bound because of my immune system and arthritis. It took me years of asking myself “when am I going to be back on top again?” My brother is now super successful and married and shining and I’m happy for him but I have to say I was jealous. It was humbling. I was being prideful and it didn’t feel good. I prayed and prayed about it and I realized I was never going to be that person again. I didn’t like being that person when I was that person. I was never fulfilled. I never had enough time with my kids. So I let go. I let go of what I thought everybody expected of me and realized nobody ever expected me to be perfect to begin with. I stopped wearing my hair around my family and they love it and so do my kids friends. I found people like ve me for exactly who I am. I laugh more. I love more and I’m much more confident in who I am and what I believe. I’m happier for everybody around especially for my brother. I let people help instead of always doing the helping because people get joy from helping just like I did. Letting go was the best thing I ever did. It allowed me to open my arms to embrace everything else God was sending my way.

  • Liz S.

    This comment is specifically for Lauren: Watching your Larry King interview now – thank you for sharing your story and continuing to be so inspiring, Lauren!

  • Connie Gray

    Love the reminder of feeling grounded to the earth When you are in that place no one or nothing can knock you over….thanks Melissa ! There is smother powerful book out there called “Wait, What”……about the power of asking the right question ……more. Later …..

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