Five Ways To Make Home A Happy Place

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Today we are sharing five ways to make home a happy place. We are big believers in filling our homes with things that we love and creating an atmosphere of love and peace. From fresh blooms to cozy throws and everything in-between, below are five ways to make your home the place that you love to be the most.


There is nothing that brings us more joy than fresh blooms. We love the way it adds color and life to a room in such a pure, natural way.  It is easy to fall into a routine of only shopping for blooms when having guests over, but we encourage the idea of buying blooms just because they make you and your home happy.


Keeping things orderly is key for a happy space. The way to achieve this easily is to not have too much stuff and make sure that everything has a “place”. Doing so will prevent clutter and make it easy to put things away. A neat and tidy space makes for a clear and focused mind! Plus it is so much easier to relax and unwind in a room that is free of unnecessary clutter.


Bring on the pillows, rugs, and throws. Having cozy textures and soft things to snuggle up with on the couch or bed is so important. It is so comforting and peaceful to unwind after a long day on a cozy couch with a warm throw. Soft textures definitely create a sense of safety and comfort which are both home-y feelings that everyone desires inside a home.


No home is perfect and that is such a refreshing truth. There is such a beautiful, authentic, and real thing about a home that is clearly lived-in and enjoyed on a day-to-day basis. Yes we are against clutter, but there is a certain element of imperfection that makes a house a home. For example, don’t fret if you haven’t vacuumed when you should have or if there is some laundry back-up occurring. This is life! Embrace it and let it go 🙂


When it comes down to it, it is not the things in your home that matter; it is the people and the love inside the home that are most important. The true substance of a home is the love that is found inside and the positive, loving, encouraging, and happy atmosphere that is found within the walls. If you live alone, this is possible as well! Love yourself and show love to others by inviting people over, calling loved ones, and having loving thoughts.  A home filled with love is one that you will look forward to coming home to day after day.

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