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Our Favorite Organic Tampon Brand

524 699 Melissa Mayer

Alright ladies, it is time for some girl talk! We are so excited to share our favorite organic tampon brand with you today. Meet, Cora.  Cora tampons are made with organic cotton and are free of harsh chemicals that are found in many conventional tampon brands.

Not only are Cora tampons safe (100% organic cotton, no pesticides, no synthetics, no chlorine bleach, no fragrances, and no BPA), but they are also SO effective. It gives us such peace of mind during that time of the month knowing that the tampons we are using are safe and will work well each day of our period.

Where to buy Cora? Their website has a subscription service, designed to be seamless and so convenient! They have a free trial available and you can also adjust or cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you don’t want the subscription, Cora tampons are also available at Target!

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! We hope you love Cora as much as we do, if you decide to give it a try! Also, we love discovering clean self-care products that work well, so please share any products that you love in a comment as well. xo


*Cora originally gifted us tampons, but we are now totally hooked and only use Cora tampons! Thank you, Cora, for introducing us to your amazing brand! 

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