The Beauty and Power of Transparency

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Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I recently listened to this incredible TED talk from Brene Brown and it has impacted me so much. Her books Rising StrongDaring Greatly, and The Gifts of Imperfection are now on my list to read ASAP. I am definitely late to the party, as her books have been out for a while (same with her TED talk) but better late than never. I am so thankful that I have discovered Brene Brown and her message about vulnerability. Thinking about vulnerability has led us to thinking about transparency and the beauty of being completely transparent in relationships and in life in general.

It might be scary and feel uncomfortable, but what better way to live than completely honestly, openly, authentically, and truthfully? We have all had seasons where we go into our shell, put up walls, or paint a pretty picture. Doing this is a way to inform the world that: all is well here, no need to know more, I am fine! Sometimes we do this without even knowing that we are doing it! It becomes a natural reaction to discomfort. However, in the long run, that sort of behavior won’t help us. It might feel safe in the moment, but it actually robs us of true joy that comes from living full lives as our real, genuine, 100% selves. We will grow more if we let our true selves be exposed. There is nothing more real or more beautiful than that!

Jesus want us so desperately to cling to Him instead of feeling the need to hide. He created us just the way we are, so of course He wants our inner beauty to shine completely to the world.  Step into the place of being vulnerable with a real, raw, “this is me, world!” kind of way! Quirks, messes, insecurities, fears, mistakes, oops’, lessons, and whatever else can easily lure us into a mindset of uh oh, I gotta cover this one up, but I pray for all of us that we won’t fall for that trap. Instead, pray about it, own it, repent of it, forgive yourself for it, or whatever the case may be. We are not designed to hide. We are designed to live in His light and experience joy!!

What are your thoughts on transparency and living genuine lives? We would love to hear in the comment section below. Xo

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  • Nicole

    Love this! I have always had a hard time with being vulnerable and when I am vulnerable it is with the Lord and not others. This really helped open my eyes to see that vulnerability with others brings freedom & the true joy Jesus offers us! Thank you for this post, I feel encouraged to be the person that I am with Jesus with the world as well and to ditch the act that I often put on for others!!

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