The Beauty Of Smiling

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Have you ever seen someone in a public place (maybe in a restaurant, in a coffee shop, at the grocery store, or anywhere else) and thought to yourself, wow, “she is such a happy person” or “oh my gosh, how much joy she must have!”? This has happened to me several times and it always sparks something inside me. This normally happens when that person is smiling. Whenever I notice someone’s smile, I feel joy inside, for them, and it also causes me to intentionally smile more.

The beauty of smiling is like no other; it is genuine, it is real, and it is who we are. We are made to rejoice and share joy, even when circumstances aren’t perfect. Actually, especially when circumstances aren’t perfect! It is a fun challenge to smile past the hurt, feel happy despite the storm you might be in, and carry joy in our hearts.

About a year and a half ago now, I listened to a sermon by Graham Cooke and this quote really stuck with me: “You need to have a lightness about you, where the joy in you is greater than anything else.” I think about these words often and whenever I do and take them to heart, something inside me changes. Worry, fear, and doubt can really burden us and cause us to get stuck. If we have a mindset that is rooted in joy, we will feel light, happy, and hopeful.

Smile on, friend! You never know who might need to see the light of your smile, so share it with the world, no matter what. xo

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