An Answer To A Health Prayer

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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen a few of my stories over the past months that featured this book: The Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry. I started reading this book because I have had bloating, inflammation, and fatigue issues for years. I felt like I had tried everything to make it better with certain dietary remedies and supplements. However, they would only help for a limited amount of time and the issues would come back. I would get so confused as to why I would get painfully bloated everyday when I was eating SO clean – AKA homemade salads with homemade lemon juice and olive oil dressing, fresh quinoa bowls made from scratch, almonds with skin for a snack, whole food protein bars, fresh veggies like cucumbers and bell peppers. It just didn’t make sense! 

Two of my dear friends go to Dr. Gundry and have nothing but amazing things to say about him and his perspective on gut health. My girlfriend went specifically for unexplained stomach problems a few years ago after seeing doctor after doctor, and she hasn’t had a problem since! She told me to make an appointment with him, but he is sadly not taking new patients at this time. I was bummed to find that out, but I immediately ordered his book and it has brought me so much hope and a new perspective!

In his book, Dr. Gundry describes the many people who have changed their lives by eliminating lectins.  Lectins are large plant-based proteins found in the seeds, grains, skins, rinds and leaves of most plants that bind to carbohydrates. Lectins are designed by nature to help the plant survive by protecting the plant from predators. Animals don’t like the taste, so they spit the seeds or rinds out. Humans aren’t quite as wise and continue to try to digest the lectins. Once inside, the lectins cause a chemical reaction playing havoc on our digestive system. 

Eating lectin-free can heal any auto-immune disease and it truly allows the body to function as it should and heal itself. How amazing is that!? Dr. Gundry’s book is filled with impressive case studies that I find just beyond fascinating. He discusses cases from arthritis, to migraines, to cancers, plus many more that have been solved by patients remaining disciplined to a lectin-free diet. Another big lesson from Gundry’s book is this: Every disease starts in the gut.

The Plant Paradox is truly mind-blowing and it has opened my eyes to so much. When I started to read the book initially, I seriously could not put it down. It is an answer to a health prayer and has provided me with so much hope. I cannot recommend reading it enough; it is a total game-changer! 


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