Clean Air For A Peaceful Mind

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As you probably know by now, making and keeping our home a clean, pure, toxin-free environment is so important to me! I have become really passionate about it and it brings me so much peace and joy to know that the air we are breathing and the products we are using are clean as possible. Even so, there are still pollutants, allergens, and gases that exist. When Dyson reached out about sending me their purifier: the pure hot+cool link, I was so thankful and excited to add the technology to our home. Dyson continues to amaze me with their cutting edge technology, as they are truly creating state of the art products that are purposeful , effective, powerful, and useful with a design strategy that is exceptionally modern and minimal. Last week I shared my experience with their supersonic hair dryer, so definitely check out that post if you missed it. Their hair dryer has seriously changed the state of my hair for the better!

Since I spend most of the day hours in my office, I decided to put the purifier in there. It has become my routine to turn it on everyday while I am at my desk. Since starting that routine, I’ve had such peace of mind and comfort, knowing that it is working to clean the air around me as I focus on my work. It is pretty mind-blowing to realize that air pollution isn’t just something that we should be concerned about outside, but it is an indoor issue as well. What is especially incredible about the hot + cool link, is that while it purifies the air and captures pollutants, it also heats or cools your indoor space, depending on the temperature. How cool is that! If you are interested in reading more facts, click here. The Dyson site has a quick video that describes the power of of the technology behind their purifier so well.

*images by Felicia Lasala. Thank you, Dyson, for the purifier! 


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