Coffee Table Styling

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One of my favorite parts about going to a friend’s home is seeing how they style their coffee table. Similar to someone’s wardrobe, a coffee table represents a person’s style, aesthetic, and gives you a peek into their interests and personal taste. From coffee table books to candles, a well-curated coffee table is truly a work of art in itself. Coffee table styling is a personal experience and there is no right or wrong way to do it, which makes the process that much more fun and enjoyable. Make it yours and let it make an authentic statement in your home! Below are a few of our styling tips, but again, you do you. xo


There are so many beautiful design books (like this one + this one) that serve as great coffee table accessories and house guests absolutely love them. When you are gathered around the table, it is fun for people to flip through the books and be inspired.


Fresh flowers add so much warmth and love to a home. We love picking up blooms regularly and adding them to our coffee tables. Much like a centerpiece on a dining table, the coffee table serves as a centerpiece to a living space, so adding fresh flowers will definitely make a welcome, homey statement. We are loving these vases to hold the beautiful blooms.


Capri Blue is our absolute favorite brand of candles! They smell wonderfully, are long-lasting, and have a clean, stylish look. This one is pictured above, but we also love this one and this one.


Having coasters on a coffee table is a must! Guests always appreciate when coasters are readily available, but they also make a table look complete & will protect the table from glass rings. We are especially loving these coasters from Anthro– we both have them!


Last but not least, an organized table is a beautiful table! However, depending on your taste and style, the coffee table might be more full than others, or you might like the minimalist approach. Either way and regardless of how many things are on the table, it is nice when everything is kept organized and looks put-together, even in an effortless way.


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