The Gift of Reading Time

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The gift of reading time is something that we really value, appreciate, and try not to take for granted! Settling into our reading nook and opening up a book that we have been looking forward to reading is such a special experience; it opens up the doors for personal growth, enjoyment, relaxation, peace, and so much more.

Regardless of what kind of book it is, our minds open during the reading process; either to new knowledge, new experiences, and new ways of thinking, or our minds can open up to a fictional world that we become immersed in, serving as a brief break from our own worlds. Fiction or non-fiction, books are truly such a gift to us, crafted by authors with God-given talents!

We always feel rejuvenated, full of life, and inspired after taking the time to read. We love Christian books here at LSK and there are a few that have really shaped our lives, our faith, and our relationship with the Lord. These books in particular are gifts from Him, and we cannot give enough praise for the authors of these books! Three titles that have especially made a big impact on our lives are Present Over Perfect, New Morning Mercies, and Uninvited.

A few other books that we highly recommend are The Plant Paradox, The Person Called YOU, and Reclaiming Conversation. These books are extremely different and unique in subject matter, but each one is a gift of a new perspective about health (The Plant Paradox), personal development (The Person Called YOU), and relationships (Reclaiming Conversation).

What do you love most about reading? We would love to know what your favorite books are, too, so please share those recs in the comment section below. If you enjoy reading as much as we do, we pray that you can carve out the time to do it as much as possible/as much as you want. Reading time can be a very important part of self-care; a relaxing activity that reaps emotional, mental, and spiritual gifts. xo
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