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Recently, I have been learning a lot about the idea of moving forward. We all logistically do this considering the fact that it is impossible to live life backwards, but I have been thinking about this in an emotional sense, and it is easier said than done (yikes!). Our past circumstances are so positive because they make up our story, have developed our character, and have shaped who we are. However, they can simultaneously create so much bondage and shame. It is so easy to get caught up in our prior mistakes, past relationships, the old person we used to be, or the fear of the opinions other’s have on us based on past circumstances.

None of that is pretty or productive, and the past can tend to creep up on us sometimes when our awareness dwindles. The question to really dig into is, why do we let the past hang around? Jase and I discuss this a lot and try our best to help each other step out of the bondage of the past. We celebrate how we continue to shift, heal and grow individually and together as a couple, and we rarely let the past enter into an argument because it has come and gone + it doesn’t help the present! The following words are so important and powerful, but we can’t fully dive into these nuggets of joy until we have released what holds us back. PROGRESS. PRESENT. DREAMS.

Is there anything that you are holding on to from the past that keeps you from living abundantly? Learning from the past is such a gift, but letting it bring us down has no purpose. How can we be intentional in moving forward?

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This post is in collaboration with The Refined Collective Series.  Be sure and check out the other ladies in this wonderful group: Kat, Joanne, and Brynn. xx 


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  • Maria

    This is exactly what I’m struggling with. My three year relationship with my boyfriend ended a few months ago. Part of me is still stuck on thinking how we could’ve made things better, where we went wrong, why didn’t we work on our communication skills. It’s been tough for me to move on. I’ve read my Bible and listen to worship music, but there are days where I can’t focus on anything. I just want to move past this period of my life.

    • Melissa Mayer

      Hi Maria! This is Melissa, the production director / an editor for LSK. This post by Lauren spoke to me so much, too, because I also had a 3-year relationship end recently- almost 6 months ago now. I will be praying for you and know exactly how you feel. Keep in His Word, keep listening to Worship music, and keep being patient with yourself. The thoughts you are having about the relationship are so natural and I have them too, but we just have to hold on to Truth, take one day at a time, and know that God is with us through this post-breakup season! Here are a few resources that have helped me so much….Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, and these sermons: by Judah Smith and by Graham Cooke. Praying for you! xo Melissa

  • Maria

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for taking your time to reply and for all of your suggestions. Reading it brought tears to my eyes. I will into all of your suggestions. Thank you again.


  • Lisa

    I was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor which my surgeon removed. Now that I am faced with radiation and chemotherapy I find myself struggling to stay positive and move forward. I am trying to focus on my future, but with this diagnose and the uncertainty, it has hard. I am very glad that I have God as my number one priority and that “I can do all things through him who gives me strength!” I also repeat little mantras to myself, like “you are strong, happy and loved”. I have an amazing support network with my family and friends and I know I will come out of this victorious!

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