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Today’s post is all about hair! I love all things hair-related, so I thought it would be fun to share my must-have hair products + tools. As many of you know, my bestie & I developed a loose powder dry shampoo for blondes, brunettes, and redheads…Meet, Stranded. It goes without saying that Stranded is a staple in my hair routine and I use it daily. We are very passionate about clean beauty products, so it brings me great joy and peace of mind knowing that the ingredients in our dry shampoo powders are pure and free of harsh chemicals.

Thanks to Stranded, I can go a few days between hair washes. Doing this allows natural oils to develop which is a good thing for our strands! Over-washing the hair strips the strands of natural oils, causing hair to appear more dry than normal. However, when I do wash my hair and need to head out the door in a timely manner, an effective, powerful yet gentle, and high-quality hair dryer is so necessary.

When Dyson reached out about sending me their Supersonic Hair Dryer, my excitement was seriously on another level. I had heard about how lightweight, effective, and cutting-edge it was from a technology standpoint, so I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Not only does it try my hair so quickly, but the design is seriously gorgeous. I love the look of it on my bathroom counter! In all seriousness though, I knew I was going to love this hair dryer when I read that it protects the hair from heat damage and promotes shine and overall hair health. After using it many times now, I can confirm that this is totally accurate.

When used with a round brush, the results are amazing. I am a fan of the natural, slightly undone hair look and this hair dryer achieves that easily and effortlessly. The lightweight feature + unique shape of the dryer enables styling as you dry your hair.

As for shampoo and conditioner, it is again really important to me to use products that are created with clean, pure ingredients. I was so happy to discover Rahua and have been using their products for a while.  My hair is always left feeling clean, light, and fresh, after a washing and I am able to go a few days (with Stranded!) until it is time to wash it again.

I try to keep my hair routine pretty simple and stick to minimal products + tools that I know work well time and time again. I am so happy to now have the Supersonic Dryer (c/o) in my collection, as I am pretty positive it will stand the test of time. xo

 images by Felicia Lasala 

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