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Hey guys! We are so excited to have one of my besties on the blog today, Angela Lanter! Ang and her husband, Matt, are two of my and Jase’s closest friends and we absolutely love doing life with them. Read the Q&A below to get to know Ang as she dishes on all things love, beauty, pregnancy, and blogging. xo

– How did you and your husband meet and when did you know that he was the one?

Matt and I have a mutual friend from church, Courtney, who played matchmaker.  She was convinced that we were perfect for each other…  Turns out she was right!  I knew very early on that Matt was the one for me.  I didn’t have a moment, per se, that it dawned on me.  I could feel that something was different about our relationship than any other relationship I’d ever been in.

-When did you start your blog and what was the journey of becoming a blogger like for you?

I launched Hello Gorgeous in January 2013, just a few months before our wedding.  I didn’t have much time to put into my blog at first because I was planning a wedding and working full-time as a fraud investigator.  After we were married, I quit my job and we moved to New Orleans for Matt’s show, Starcrossed.  I had time to focus on my blog and turned my passion into my career.  I launched my YouTube channel in September 2013 and never looked back.  I’ve always loved beauty, so I knew this was the field I wanted to be in, I just didn’t know how to make that a reality.  Blogging has allowed me to take the things I love and turn them into my own business.

-We love your Instagram so much! What is your approach to managing that social platform and connecting with your followers?

I try my best to keep my posts as real as possible.  Social media has a way of making things look so perfectly perfect…  But that’s not reality.  I love connecting with my followers, my Gorgeous Girls, on real-life issues, so I focus on creating content that’s relevant to what’s currently going on in my life that others can relate to.  I also do my best to respond to as many comments as possible to show my appreciation to those who take the time to follow along and share their lives and thoughts with me.

-Give us a brief description of your personal style. Where are your favorite places to shop? 

I consider my style feminine casual.  I like to be cute but also comfortable…  Especially now that I’m pregnant!  My favorite thing to do is mix highs and lows.

-What is your typical morning beauty routine + a few of your must-have products? 

I’m big in exfoliation, I try to exfoliate 2 times a week to keep my skin looking and feeling soft.  My basic morning products are: cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer with SPF.  I can’t live without a good eye cream!

-How do you stay so healthy & fit!? Share a few tips + a some of your favorite foods.

I would love to say that I have this awesome workout routine and diet that I stick to…  But I don’t, lol.  I try to do yoga whenever possible and I’m constantly on the go, so I tend to walk a lot.  We try to make smart choices when cooking and eating out, but I also really love my desserts…  It’s one of my pregnancy cravings for sure.

-Congrats on your first baby-to-be! What has been the most surprising thing about pregnancy so far? 

The most surprising is the amount of symptoms that I have experienced that I was clueless about.  You would think with as many cousins and girlfriends that I have who have had babies, I would know it all…  But no one does.  Each and every pregnancy is different and I made the mistake of thinking that what I’ve seen others experience would be exactly what I experience.

-Tell us about your and your husband’s podcast, Hello Bump! How did that idea come about? 

I had been throwing around the idea of launching a podcast for over a year, but my husband’s job moved us to Vancouver last summer and we put that idea on the back burner.  When we found out we were pregnant, we thought, this is the perfect time to jump into the podcast world!  We didn’t even know if we would ever release it, but after listening to what we recorded, we decided it was too fun not to share.

-It must be so fun working on the podcast with Matt! Do you feel that sharing the journey with your followers and fans has been a gift for the both of you as expecting parents? 

I think so.  I’ve had so many women reach out to me after listening who relate to me because of my endometriosis journey, or different symptoms I’ve experienced.  I’ve had a lot of women say that the podcast has been such a fun way for them to relive their own pregnancies, even many years ago.  I think it’s just a fun, easy listen and people can relate to what we’re experiencing and feeling.

-What is the one thing that you are looking forward to most about being a Mom? 

Bonding with my baby.  I wanted a girl so badly, so I’m so excited to get to share things like my love of makeup and clothes with her (hopefully she’ll love those things too, lol!)  I can’t wait to dress her and do her hair…  Basically, just be a girl’s mom!

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