Finding Comfort

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Over the past few years, decor & interiors have become something that we are really passionate about here at LSK. Decorating a home is such a special, personal process and results in a haven that is uniquely yours. How cool is that? It is fascinating to us how everyone’s home is entirely different; a collection of one’s past, things that they love and are drawn to, plus items and pieces that they see as inspiring, practical, beautiful, and comforting, or a combination of all of the above.

We definitely believe that as people, we decorate our homes and make certain interior design choices with the goal of finding comfort. Consciously or not, we seek comfort in all areas of life; sometimes though it is just not possible, since the reality is that discomfort is a very normal part of life. However, our prayer is that all of our homes can be a little corner of comfort for us in this world. No matter what you call home, we pray that it is a place of comfort, rest, safety, and peace for you; a little sanctuary where you start your day and end your day, finding peace and hope no matter what sort of day you had or are having .

When we discovered this chair from Bakarian Studio, we knew that it had to be a part of our home. The unique design, beautifully simple aesthetic, and comfort factor caught our attention immediately.  We had been searching for the right chair for this corner of our guest room and this one fits perfectly and finishes the room just the way that I hoped it would. My wish is that guests find comfort in this corner while staying at our home; curling up with a blanket to enjoy a cup of tea before bed, reading a book, or making a phone call. Thank you, Lauren, for this amazing addition to our home! Also, friends, be sure to follow Bakarian Studio on IG- their feed is so beautiful and inspiring.


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