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I have always said that there are negatives and positives to social media, and these last 48 hours have proven that to be true. I believe in female empowerment and gender equality, but it is heartbreaking that a network that is employed by 80% women (that truly cares about its employees) is being deemed as sexist when that is simply not true. There is a difference between not being paid what you deserve and unfair pay because of gender inequality. I fully understand and am burdened for her feeling of not being paid the amount she felt she was worth, but that is in the hands of the agent and proper negotiating over the years. No company will offer you more than you ask for. Not to mention, that is a different issue than gender inequality and the right battle must be expressed. At one time my husband had a female co-host on E! News who made three times his salary and another female co-host was paid more than him as well, and they had the same role, one where Jason had more responsibility. My point in this is, the company proves to VALUE women. Simple as that. Take a look at the Kardashians, Joan Rivers, and the list goes on and on. Women are paid accordingly on this network, and the difference in his salary versus theirs did not affect Jason whatsoever because he knows there are always more components to consider when determining one’s salary.

On that note, and also important to mention, in a New York Times article from yesterday, an E! spokeswoman confirmed quote “Ms. Sadler’s and Mr. Kennedy’s roles were not comparable.” Since Jason was named the permanent anchor of E! News over two years ago, he has had various co-hosts that rotate throughout the week. A permanent co-host has never been named since the last one left six months ago. Jason is the host of E! News; Catt is a correspondent who does E! News twice a week and was given daytime focus.

As you all know, there are two sides to every story. I am posting this to tell the other side, which everyone deserves to know before jumping to conclusions about a place he has called home for the last twelve years. If he ever heard that gender inequality was occurring at his workplace, he would take action. Instead, it’s the contrary, and the numerous phone calls we have had these past two days from both current and former female employees at E! only support what he has seen in his time there. These women have assured us that they never felt gender inequality was at play at any time.

Jason is the most tender-hearted and respectful person and it’s so sad to see him unfairly publicly shamed by social media, especially when he is legally bound to speak truth and defend himself. His name has been dragged through the mud regarding nothing he did, except be a great friend and colleague to those who work alongside him. It absolutely breaks my heart to watch, and it is devastating and frustrating to see how this all played out. I will always stand on truth, and I cannot stand by and be silent when the foundation of a story that affects my family is not based on that. I do, though, want to thank Catt for defending and supporting Jase even though this narrative brought insurmountable amounts of hate towards him on social media. I wish her all the best in what’s ahead.

To conclude, I am so proud of and inspired by my husband for constantly being prayerful, surrounding himself with wisdom, being calm and patient during hard times, and being the definition of a class act even in unfortunate circumstances.

Love you forever, Jase, and am honored to be by your side.

  • Elspeth

    Well said Lauren! Thanks for sharing your side of the story! You and Jason are a constant inspiration to couples every where! Have a wonderful Christmas. Sending love, prayers, and positive vibes!!

  • Sarah Davis

    Thanks for writing this and speaking up for Jason. I have spoken up for him on multiple occasions the last two days on social media and said that he did not need to be vilified. I’ve been watching for years and yes, I agree that their roles were not comparable. Jason is on ENews every night and his cohost do rotate. Thank you. Love both of you and the way you support each other.

  • Daryl

    I’m sorry Jason has had to deal with this and for Catt Sadler personally calling him out – she could have handled this a lot differently. She was paid less because she did less and she cried wolf to make a name for herself as she exited – I think it will backfire. Personally, I never liked her style or demeanor, and when she was on I changed the channel and ultimately stopped watching, except for Jason on the Red Carpet. This too shall pass.

  • Melissa

    You two are so inspirational in marriage and friendship and overall quality. Thank you for sharing this side. It always helps to know more of the heart and reality behind it all. Love you both!!!

  • Chris Kidder

    Lauren and Jason,

    From Phillippians 4:8-9
    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.”

    Your practice of honor and justness and truth and excellence is what matters and your actions HAVE spoken louder than the words of others.
    Our God of peace is with you. May his peace be bestowed on you both and your family as you deal with this difficult situation.
    Much love.


  • Hannah

    It’s so heartbreaking to see people treating Jason this way! Sometimes it feel like people are just looking for things to be mad about. I’ve seen Jason’s love and acceptance first hand and am proud to call you guys friend. And Lauren, I’m so proud of you for standing up for him and being such a supportive and affirming wife! You guys are bigger and stronger than this and will no doubt shine through it. Love you so much!

  • Gwen

    God Bless both of u I’m so sorry this is happened to him and you neither if u deserve this in least bit!!! In all honesty I was very taken back that this happened I agree with everything u said above! At this point in this world I feel like all anyone talks about is their rights and equality, which I believe too but is way out of hand! How about as woman feel proud to be successful and have a job period! I could say so much more but I’ll just say prayers for the world! Again I’m sorry people are being so ugly anyone with any sense would know ur husband had nothing to do with anything but good ❤️

  • Kelley

    Absolutely love this sweetness, you are so amazing and Jason is truly just as amazing. Thank you for the post and everything you do. Honored to follow you on your journey. Should you ever need an assistant I would love to help you out on anything. Have a beautiful Christmas

  • Rita

    Beautifully said Lauren. Jason is a man deep in his faith, kind, loving & a stand up guy. I love watching him on E and I think that it is unfortunate all the negativity that has surrounded this situation. Catt loves Jason and has said it a lot how dear he is to her. Jason is a great friend and I love you two together. I thank you for sharing with us to Lauren. God bless

  • Cindy Lu

    Love that you are a strong woman and not afraid to speak out! Honestly, this has NOTHING to do with Jason! Period end of story!
    “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 Remember this is all temporary…and this season will teach you something that will make you both grow even stronger!

  • Maria

    This is truth united and strong. Good for you to speak out. I believe that no inequality of pay occurred. Also if there were any salary disparity, how would that fault be placed on Jason. Continue to be strong together. I’ll be praying for you both and your families

  • Danielle

    In your corner. Jesus’ light can shine brightest through you in the dark times. Praying for strength for you guys. Jason proves himself everyday by how he lives. Negativity can’t stick.

  • Kara

    I appreciate your intent, but you’re offbase here. Hopefully this will open up the opportunity for a thoughtful and eye-opening dialogue that will help you consider the trye nature and full scope of gender inequality issues. Much love!

  • Stephanie

    I was so happy to see you posted this! When Catt Sadler made her statement, I never expected people to react so negatively towards Jason. I agree that Jason Kennedy is a class act and always has carried himself as one. Anyone who knows your family and knows your husband would know that Jason is a great guy who takes a stand against wrongdoings in this world. I pray he has the strength to get through this difficult path that has been placed before him and I pray for him and Catt and their friendship. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Sharon

    Keep up the good work. And Lauren I am so sorry for all the hate that comes through social media. People hide behind a phone to say things they would never say in person. They read post like “they” talk not like you do. Which isn’t fair to you. Stand by your man girl. God will honor you both.

  • Erin OLague

    Well said and absolutely spot on! Gender inequality is wrong but there are many factors to rate of pay and this is clearly an instance of this being wrongfully played out in the media. I’m sorry for the effect on your family. Stay strong and true to yourselves. Happy Holidays!

  • Kelli

    I have watched you both for many years now and I know you both Have a deep love for Christ that stands out! And I know the enemy loves to try to bring down Gods children and cause division. You are both in my prayers and just know God IS BIGGER than anything the enemy wants to throw at you!!
    Keep letting His light shine through you both!! Thank you for being a woman who stands for truth and Is awesome that your husband IS a man after God’s own heart! ❤️

  • Janinth

    I never felt he did anything wrong by reading the article you talk about. I don’t know you guys but you can tell when someone is genuinely caring and thoughtful . Social media can be wonderful at times and at times heartful. Jason has my support and I will continue to watch because he is just funny.
    You are a wonderful wife and friend to him for speaking up and explaining the misunderstanding. I wish nothing but the best for you two.

  • Michele

    Your husband fairly getting paid what he deserves and Catt Sadler unfairly not getting paid what she deserves are not mutually exclusive.

    Catt Saddler unfairly not getting paid what she deserves and your husband getting unfairly treated with backlash are not mutually exclusive. Catt has publicly urged people to NOT lash out at Jason, and has only the best to say about him.

    To pretend that you know her experience, what she asked for, what she deserves, via your husband or a canned comment from E! reps, is insane and far below you. It’s also truly damaging to women everywhere. “Deserve” is a moving target when you don’t have control of the system. PLEASE STOP. #believeher

    • Lauren Kennedy

      I totally respect your opinion. We know way too much from Catt (she told Jase everything regarding this last contract) that I honestly don’t have much of a response except for I know the truth and will honestly stand for it 🙂 She never hated on Jase, but the social media hate that the narrative brought was unbearable. Jase fought so much for her at work in ways that can’t be mentioned, and I am so proud of him for being such an incredible friend to her.

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