The Year Of Pinterest

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We are calling 2018 the year of Pinterest– the year where we will be inspired more than ever by the style, the recipes, the interiors, the words, and the general beauty discovered on Pinterest. Out of all social platforms, it is hands-down the most inspiring, encouraging, and refreshing. In 2017, we were blessed enough to connect with a now dear friend, Lauren Curry. Lauren lives in LA, has a heart for the Lord, loves all things that LSK represents, and has a crazy talent for finding the most lovely pins and curating a page that genuinely reflects the heart and soul of LSK. Below are a few favorite pins from a few favorite boards, but be sure to check out all of our boards, here. Get ready for 2018 too, we are going to do regular inspiration posts featuring current pins and how they are inspiring us. We would love to hear from you in the comments- let us know how Pinterest inspires you and what you would like to see us pin in 2018. xo Lo, Melis, and Lauren. 

sartorial inspo.


pretty tables.

travel goals.

gal pals.


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