10 Ways To Relieve Stress

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Oh, stress. We all know it at times, right? It is a real thing and some things are truly out of control, but the good news is that we are in control of how we deal and respond to stressful situations, circumstances, and seasons.

One thing that always gives me peace during a time of stress is remembering that it is temporary. God doesn’t want us to be trapped in stress. In a lot of ways, stress is connected to fear and worry, so keeping grounded in His Truth and committing our minds and hearts to not being fearful and not worrying is a key way to rise above stress and victoriously walk through it.

Below are 10 ways to relieve stress that help us, and we hope that they help you as well. We thought that this was an appropriate post for our wellness series, because dealing with stress in a healthy way is so crucial to our well-being. Enjoy xo

*Pray intentionally, take your worries to God, get in the Word, turn on Worship music, and ask loved ones to pray for you. Talking to Him + people that you love and trust helps so much.

*Stretch or do yoga- even just doing a few poses in your home is great if you can’t make it to a class.

*Drink soothing/relaxing/calming tea- I love Yogi’s honey lavender stress relief tea.

*Schedule downtime to intentionally rest, unwind, and read a good book if that brings you joy.

*Pay extra attention to eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

*Take a bath, light candles, turn on Worship music.

*Journal and make a list- this helps get things on paper and off your mind.

*Diffuse essential oils – lavender is so lovely always.

*Get fresh air – it could as simple as opening the windows in the house, sitting outside, going for a walk or a run if you enjoy that.

*I love binging on a happy, mindless show, like the Bachelor or Friends, ha! It takes my mind off of the stressful things.


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