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We are so happy to have discovered a pure home cleaning products brand that we love- meet Branch Basics. It has been such a joy chatting with the founders: Allison, Kelly, and Marilee, and getting to know their stories and hearts for what they do. They are on a passionate mission to revolutionize the health of homes, as it is so often the missing link in people’s efforts to thrive on their wellness journeys.

Allison, Kelly, and Marilee are beyond-words believers in the body’s innate ability to heal if given the right food and environment- yes and amen to that! All of their products are human safe and non-toxic, plant and mineral based, not tested on animals, and are extremely versatile. Their concentrate product is especially versatile- made to be used for many different cleaning purposes and is quite powerful (yet gentle), effective, and most importantly…totally safe. They also sell empty bottles (with very precise directions about how much water to use with the concentrate), making the whole process so simple, easy to follow, and not intimidating at all.

Their website, Instagram, and blog are incredible wellness resources. We are so thankful to have connected with them personally, so that we can now share their brand with you guys. Today we are thrilled to share the Branch Basics’ home cleanse series; a great way to get a healthy-home in 2018 and beyond. Here are links to the simple and straightforward process: REVIEW, REMOVE, REPLACE. The story that Marilee shares in the REVIEW post is truly mind-blowing and will no doubt inspire you to seriously consider the home cleanse.

Our bodies are so affected by our environments, and thankfully our home is one part of our environment that we can control. It is such a blessing that brands like Branch Basics realize the incredible impact that toxin-free homes have on our health and are actively creating products that are safe for us to be exposed to regularly- day in and day out. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on clean and safe home cleaning products in the comments below! xo




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