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My best friend and I went to Tulum together this year to celebrate her 30th birthday, and one day we found ourselves laying on the beach listening to the most interesting podcast on Wellness Mama. For the first time, we were hearing that coffee enemas are a beneficial way to detox the body from the toxins and metals that we are exposed to every day. Anna and I were so intrigued by this and started researching more, but we were both a bit intimidated by it. I arrived home a few days later, and we had our sweet family friends over for dinner. I couldn’t believe it when my friend Bethany randomly brought up coffee enemas. They changed her mom’s life in the middle of a health crisis, and they made such a big impact on hers as well. She described the process to me step by step and told me what to purchase. Her personal guidance made me feel so much more comfortable to do it.

Also, to preface, I am not a doctor or a health expert, so I encourage you to do your own research and honor your individual needs.

Supplies Needed

*An enema set; this one is my favorite from Amazon, is $35 and gets the job done!

*Organic coffee – I love this one!

*A cozy bathroom towel – these organic ones are the softest; we are obsessed!

*A great podcast

*Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning after

Why use coffee?

There are many colonics you can do, but coffee seems to be the most powerfully cleansing. It is excellent for cleansing the liver, which is responsible for pretty much all of the functions of the body. Coffee enemas support the liver by stimulating the production and release of bile and then dumping it out along with many toxins when the enema is released. If you have candida, coffee enemas can flush out the candida that often lives in the liver as well.

Coffee enemas have the ability to break down gunk that other enemas don’t. The astringent quality of the coffee is excellent at stripping away layers caked onto the sides of the colon. This might be old stools or even layers of old mucus that contains bacterias and parasites. I have also personally seen this old parasite filled mucus come out after doing coffee enemas, which I had to ask Bethany about to get some clarity on what it was. lol

My Coffee Enema Routine

It is SUPER easy, but the first one might be a bit of a mess as you get the hang of it. I am just talking from personal experience ha! Also, the entire process takes about 3o minutes. I have done my coffee enemas in the afternoon after having a bowel movement, but you can do them any time you feel is best. It is great to drink lots of water prior to, and I love drinking hot water with lemon for a little extra preparation and detox.

To prepare the coffee, I mix four tablespoons of organic coffee with about 4 cups of water and bring it to a boil on the stove. That’s a pretty high concentration, and you may want to start with just one tablespoon and see how it goes. Once the coffee is boiling, I’ll simmer it on a low boil for about 10-15 minutes. Then I either let it cool while I’m doing other things or I’ll add ice cubes if I want to use it right away. I like for the liquid to still be warm, but not hot, because I find it’s much more relaxing and easier to retain if it’s closer to body temperature than room temperature.

Once it’s at the desired temp, I pour the coffee directly into a blender or a big one liter jar, being careful to leave the grounds in the bottom of the pot. You could also strain it if you want. Then I pour the liquid into my bucket and move the tube up and down to make sure all of the air bubbles are out. If you get some air in, it’s not dangerous, you just might have a more difficult time retaining the enema and experience some gas when it comes out. Then, I clamp the hose shut, lube with coconut oil, and insert the plastic tip. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes or longer if I have time and patience.

Next I get the bathroom prepped. I like to do my enema in the shower so that in the rare case that anything leaks out, it’s easy to clean up. I usually put on a podcast and make the bathroom feel extra cozy – candles, diffusing essential oils, etc.

From there I immediately lay down on my right side (very important so the coffee can get to the liver) and wrap myself in a towel to stay warm. To help the coffee enter my colon more easefully, I might lift the tube up especially towards the end. Once I’ve retained nearly all of the liquid, I remove the tube and do my best to just relax.

Some people experience intense cramping and have to breathe through it. You will also hear and feel gurgling in your body, which means it’s working!

Once the timer is up, I  go directly to the toilet, and release. As I do, I massage my belly (especially my lower left abdomen) to help expel more liquid. Sometimes I love to take a hot, relaxing shower afterwards, so I feel extra clean. Afterwards I also drink a lot of water!

The Most Powerful Benefits

Immediate relief from constipation.

Decrease in food and alcohol cravings.

Immediate sense of lightness, clarity, focus.

Improved bowel movements.

Immediate relief from headache or brain fog.

Immediate reduction of gas, and overall reduction of gas with regular use.

Clearer more glowing skin within 24 hours of doing the enema.

Whiter, clearer eyes within 24 hours of doing the enema.

Weight loss, less bloating, and flatter stomach with regular enema use.

Removal of many layers of old mucus, parasites, and candida.


Other major bonuses and sources

While I do not suffer from migraines or headaches, I hear that coffee enemas can offer instant relief. They are even used in traditional hospitals to relieve patients of all kinds of pain. Coffee enemas have also been used for decades by holistic doctors at the forefront of healing cancer.

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