Two-Step Face Washing Routine

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Hey guys, Melissa here! I am so excited to share my simple two-step face washing routine that has truly changed the state of my skin. For years, I struggled with finding a face wash or makeup-remover that worked for my skin. Then when I became more aware of toxins in products, the struggle became even more real! Some of the best products out there still irritated my skin and caused breakouts on my chin.

Then two amazing things happened…first, Primally Pure reached out to Lauren and I and we became more knowledgable about their incredible line of clean skincare products. I told their founder, Bethany, and their holistic esthetician, Courtney, about my face wash issue, and they were kind enough to send me their cleansing oil for oily skin. I was of course SO NERVOUS to wash my face using oil, but I trusted their recommendation and thank goodness I did! After the first evening that I used it, I could already tell a difference in my skin the following morning. That being said, after a week, I could REALLY tell a difference. My skin looked brighter, less oily, and blemish-free. It also felt well-nourished and smooth to touch.

The second amazing thing that happened was that I discovered Face Halo via this blog. It is a microfiber pad that you simply wet with warm water and gently wipe makeup off your face. You can read more about the facts, here, and the method, here. The pads come in a set of three and can be easily washed in the washing machine. I was amazed by the simplicity of this method and was THRILLED when it worked!

I just realized that I totally wrote the two steps backwards, but that is because I discovered the cleansing oil before the Face Halo. That is a peak into how my brain works 🙂 Anyway, to summarize, the first step is to remove makeup with Face Halo and then the second step is to clean with cleansing oil– this article has great directions and details about the cleansing oil method. Also, important to note, I use the oil for oily skin, but they also have cleansing oil for normal skin and for dry skin.

I would love to hear from you in the comments about any face washing tips and routines that you swear by. Also, if you try this clean two-step routine, I would love to hear if it works for you as well! Praying that it does. xo M

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