10 Recent Reads On Faith + Wellness

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Hello, LSK readers! Today we are sharing 10 recent reads on faith + wellness…five for faith and five for wellness! As you know, both are topics that we are so passionate about and enjoy writing about and discussing with you here on the blog. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did and as always, let us know your thoughts in the the comments section below. xo


heavenly-minded thinking via brilliant perspectives

be brave & wait via live original

finding beauty in the struggle via proverbs 31

when we can’t change our circumstances via live original

growing closer to God via proverbs 31


the power of a clean fringe via because I’m addicted

boosted self-confidence via cupcakes & cashmere

staying healthy when your other half has the flu via well + good

five energy-boosting morning drinks via well + good

all about adaptogens via lee from america


image by Felicia Lasala 

  • Cathy

    Closer to God by Proverbs 31 is so raw real and beautiful! It is a call to stop being lukewarm and mediocre Christians who only pick up our faith when life gets tough. It reminded me that God should be my everyday first choice! To abandon self and choose the fullness of God without reservation. To swim in the deep in order to fully experience Heaven on earth. For what is Heaven truly if it is not deep connection, communion and closeness with God-just like the disciples had. That’s what we should all work towards.

    Thanks you for sharing Lauren ❤️

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