10 Things I Love About Dallas

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It blows my mind when my friends in LA have never been to Dallas, Texas; this sweet southern spot is full of so much charm mixed with city living. Texas is such a gem of a state (all of us locals are a bit biased), and it has the most safe, settling feeling about it. Can I get an amen? After moving to Los Angeles, I appreciate this lovely place more than ever. I miss the gentlemen opening doors, chivalry displayed at its best, predicted traffic, and the genuine smiles you pass on the daily. I was just talking with a local here in California this week about how Southern living is so centered around quality time with people rather than the next task, trip, or adventure. Both are beautiful, but the initial seems to be extra meaningful.

Here are my top ten favorite qualities about the Big D.

1. The people. There is nothing like the people in Dallas; this city is truly filled with the most genuinely sweet and warm people. I feel like everywhere I go, I run into some one I know – it makes the city feel like a cozy small town in the best of ways. Not to mention, my life long friends are there as well as my family. This is what makes the city the most wonderful place in my opinion!

2. I love the little neighborhoods that branch off of the city; there are so many hidden gems such as Bishop Arts District, Trinity Groves, Highland Park, Legacy, Deep Ellum, Uptown, Knox/Henderson, and Preston Hollow. These suburbs each have their own sweet personality and create such special places to call home.

3. Everything is so close by! No matter where you are, there seems to be several grocery stores within a five-minute driving span. Every thing is right at your finger tips! Also, a “far” drive in Dallas is on average twenty minutes with no traffic. #adreamcometrue

4. Football is life here. For those of you that know me know that I am a huge Cowboys fan, so I love being in the city that represents this amazing football team + the stadium is my heaven. Everyone’s schedules are determined around the games, and the watching parties are the most fun excuse to have big get-togethers with all of your loved ones! P.S. I loved growing up tossing the football with my dad and learning how to throw a solid spiral throw from my guy friends.

5. My arm prosthetist as well as my eye prosthetist are in Dallas, and they are the best of the best! What a blessing they both have been in my life.

6. Travel is extra easy from Dallas since it is in the center of the South.

7. The city is so clean. Dallas is so well taken care of; it is one of the things I appreciate most about this city.

8. When I land, I feel like I am home. It is so settling, cozy, and comforting. It is very family oriented and every place is filled with the most friendly faces!

9. This city is known for its restaurants and shopping. A few favorites: R&D Kitchen, Bird Bakery, Nick and Sams, True Food Kitchen, La Duni, Mi Cocina, Crudo, Sea Breeze, Eight 11, and of course, Northpark Mall + all of the cute villages for shopping.

10. I have an obsession with the Tollway. Is that weird? Lol. I know every swist and turn and the traffic patterns + it is just fun to drive. Even though I live in LA, I still thoroughly enjoy reading the Tollway update emails – I can’t help myself ha!

11. Oopsies. Can I get a #11? I am so grateful for the Village Church. It was a tool and a community that helped to shape my faith. The staff feels like family, and the impact of their lives, the way they wrapped around my family during hardship, and the heart of the leadership has forever changed my life.


  • Madelyn

    Your post makes me want to visit Dallas! I live in the south, and you’re right about how sweet the people are. They’re so caring and genuine. I laughed at the part about how life is planned around football season—so true! Great blog post!

  • Kari

    Couldn’t agree more! I’m from Dallas and lived in LA for 3 years . Back in Dallas now and love it.
    I liked LA but there’s just comforting about this city!!! It’s a big city with so much to offer.
    And agree 100% with your restaurant call outs! R&D sushi is my fav!!!

  • Kimmee Gribac

    Love all 11 of these favorites of yours❤️ I’m a California girl living in a Texas world, I’d have to say everything you have written is so true. It’s a lovely place, filled with wonderful southern hospitality & charm. I can’t even put into words what the village church has been for my family, they Shepard people well & always point them back to the gospel❤️

  • Lacey

    I live in McKinney but just tell everyone I’m from Dallas! It’s just easier! Everything you said is so true! I would add Shoreline City Church to that list! If you haven’t checked it out it’s AMAZING! Love your blog and everything you and your hubby stand for!

  • Christina Hadey

    I loved this post! I love in Dallas and have been here since 2012. I can relate to most all of this! #11 is one that I can relate to 100%. I have been a member of the Village Church since 2013. It has shaped my life in ways I never knew possible. We just finished the STEPS program and the Lord worked in my heart and broke me. It was an incredible journey. In the last year or two your parents came and shared their testimony. WOW! That left me in tears of joy. Matt Chandler spoke so highly of your family, and I can see why. You have incredible parents and examples all around you! You are definitely blessed!

    I would love to meet you one day if you are back in Dallas or are TVC. It’s a long shot because I am a total stranger, but I look up to you in so many ways.

  • Prisca

    Just got back home (New Orleans) after my first time visiting Dallas. Dallas is absolutely clean, and well kept. Very cool shopping areas, and beautiful friendly smiles everywhere.

  • Maria

    This post makes me want to visit Dallas. It sounds amazing. I am also curious to see what church life is like there. I am from NY and throughout my life I have noticed that people constantly switch from church to church, including myself. I wonder what is like to grow up with the same church community.

  • Brooke

    I am also a Dallas girl living in Sourthen California and although it is so beautiful here, Texas will always be home! Texans are just so polite and community minded and always thinking of others! Something you don’t always find in SoCal! Love this post❤️

  • Molly

    Love this list! I will have to try some of the fun restaurants you listed!:) What would you say is your favorite hair salon and favorite place for eyebrow shaping?!:)

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