Jase and I are Cleansing for 21 Days: The Inside Scoop

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My best friend and I traveled to Tulum in November to celebrate her big 3-0, and it was the trip of a lifetime for so many reasons. We stayed at Sanara, where the menu consists only of foods and ingredients that restore gut health. With that said, her birthday cake made quite a statement since it was covered in shredded coconut and lined with bananas. LOL. Nykki came up to our table to ask what it was and mentioned that she had just turned 40. I could not believe it. She had #bodygoals. I asked her how she looked the way she did, and she told me she detoxed her body three to four times a year. Her credibilty and her story were so fascinating, and after asking her one million questions, I was so thrilled to cleanse as soon as we arrived back in LA.

So the journey begins…

I convinced Jase to do this cleanse with me, and he was a little nervous but excited. Ditto to that! Side note: my parents are doing it at the same time as us, which makes it extra fun. My dad has been calling me with the coolest improvement stories (even though he is an active, health nut), and he is only on day 5 out of 21. It is so fascinating what the body does when it is encouraged to heal itself from the inside + sometimes we don’t know how badly we were feeling until we feel amazing. We are surrounded by toxins on the daily, and it is so necessary to cleanse them out of our bodies.

To summarize, we are eating completely plant based for three weeks. Jason was extra nervous about eliminating meat, but it has not been nearly as hard as he imagined. It takes extra thought and effort to make appropriate smoothies, follow the daily schedule filled with powders and tonics, and to make and prep each meal. Jase takes a packed lunch to work every day, since there are no healthy options near by, and homemade dinners are a win + we get extra creative if we are out and about AKA we ask lots of questions and make a few adjustments. The worst part: the taste of the tonics. They are a bit potent, but they are only for a few seconds of each day with major benefit, so we power through!

This Cleanse in a Nutshell

21 Cleanse is a therapeutic grade, organic herbal cleanse system that can help you remove the toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants from your body so you can feel better and start to make healthier food choices. Combining the products with a strategic plant-based nutrition program, 21 Cleanse can support you in getting the harmful substances out of your body, repairing your liver and gut, rebalancing your hormones, and reversing the damage of living in our modern world.

The Best Part

You will not starve while on your cleanse. Nykki advises eating 3 plant based meals a day and includes a complete vegan nutrition program to eliminate the guesswork. You receive food lists, shopping lists, recipes so you always know what to do and never get bored. While on your cleanse, you receive 30 days of email support with how-to videos that walk you through the entire process.  All your questions will be answered so you feel clear, motivated and inspired every step of the way.


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