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These last few years, it has been so fascinating to research how powerful the toxins in products we use every day are to our health. It seemed overwhelming at first to clean out our house, make toxic to clean changes, and throw out some of our favorite products that had everything from formaldehyde, propane, and fragrance. The response, interactions, and questions I was getting from you guys inspired me to start an Instagram page for that conversation. I am so excited to have you guys join this community and work together to improve our health!

So, LSK readers, meet The Clean Stuff Instagram account which you can easily find on IG, @thecleanstuff. It will function as a library of my favorite clean, safe, toxin-free products including home cleaning products, personal care products, beauty items, and more. We will still be sharing wellness posts on the blog often of course, but @thecleanstuff will have specific items and detailed product recommendations on the reg! We are really excited for this wellness-focused account and look forward to the journey. Hope to see you there! xo

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