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With March around the corner, we are having a major travel itch! Do you guys have travel plans coming up? Lately, I have been so inspired when traveling to pack simply and pack things that I know are comfortable, versatile, and easy. It sounds obvious, but focusing on this makes a big difference in my overall travel mindset.

Traveling is such a sweet experience- a chance to explore a new place, revisit a favorite spot, and connect with whoever you are traveling with. It is so important to me that my mind and heart are in a relaxed, joyful place when traveling so that I get to fully embrace the special time away. When I start the travel process by simply packing tried & true items (favorite denim jacket, easy breezy joggers, comfortable sneaks, forever white tee, and a great hat), I find that it sets a peaceful tone for the whole trip and helps me focus on the journey that I am about to go on, rather that what I am bringing along.

What do you guys think? How does your packing strategy affect your travel?


hat (similar + similar) | tee | sunnies | denim jacket (c/o) | pants (c/o) | shoes (similar)

  • George Rector

    My wife Sandy and I travelled around the world over a 29 day span and took one medium size suitcase. Like you, we try to plan and keep things simple. Your nautical outfit gives us some ideas on how to improve. Taking less means having a better time. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Madelyn

    I used to be bad about overpacking for no reason. I wanted to have options, bu I never wore the extra clothes I packed. I just had way more junk to sort through and pack up when it was time to go home. A few months ago, ai decided to simplify my packing, and I was pleasantly surprised it helped me become more relaxed and I had a better time. Great post!

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