A Brand To Love: ABLE

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Do you know that feeling when you discover a brand that you truly love?  When their products appeal to your personal style, when their aesthetic speaks to your lifestyle, when the brand’s mission hits a place in your heart, and when you feel confident, comfortable, and happy when wearing their items…that is when I know that I truly am in love with a brand. This and more happens when I think of and wear ABLE. Also known as liveFashionable, ABLE is a lifestyle brand with clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry produced by women in cities here in America and in other countries, giving women the opportunity to work and create beautiful items.

ABLE’s commitment to and passion for providing jobs and new opportunities for women in need is so inspiring to me and makes their beautiful clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry that much more beautiful. Not only are their items high-quality, but I know that there is so much heart and soul behind each product! The outfit that I am wearing below is one that I plan to live-in this spring and beyond. The maxi dress is so comfortable and versatile, the denim jacket is a forever-staple, the slides are edgy and cool, and the bag is a timeless style that I will carry for years to come. You can get the links to this outfit at the bottom of the post + links to a few more ABLE items that I am loving. Thank you to ABLE for sponsoring this post! xo


dress | denim jacket | bag | shoes


images by Felicia Lasala // post sponsored by ABLE

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