All The Feels: Lou & Grey

1024 682 Lauren Kennedy

You know when there is a store that you actually enjoy visiting? Where easy online shopping just doesn’t seem as wonderful? It’s rare, but Lou & Grey is that clothing store for me, and I am so thrilled to be partnering with them. It gives me #allthefeels 🙂 Living in Los Angeles, I remember how excited I was when the Pasadena location opened because I could physically walk in the store, touch the classic pieces, and be inspired! It is on a street in the most charming, family-filled town, and it always feels like the most lovely shopping experience.

I recently went in the store on the rainiest day (extra cozy feels) and found the best fitting skinny denim, a linen tee I couldn’t resist,  and a terry oversized sweatshirt that I wish I could wear every day. The staff is always so sweet and helpful, which always makes me love a brand even more. Not to mention, I am a sucker for sweatpants, and their’s are the softest on planet earth. And let’s talk accessories – hoop earrings and hair pins for the win.

OUTFIT DETAILS: sweatshirt & sweatpants & shoes


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