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Hey you guys, Melissa here, an editor on LSK! I am so excited to interview our very own Lo on the blog today, as well her best friend, Anna, to get to know the story of Stranded– their dry shampoo brand. Prepare to fall in love with the story, spirit, and soul behind Stranded, especially if you have been searching for a clean, toxin-free, and effective dry shampoo. Raise your hands, girls who don’t like to over-wash their hair!

-Tell us the story of how you two came up with the idea for Stranded Dry Shampoo Powder?

Lo: I remember AB (Anna) coming home to our apartment at the time, with a burden for brunettes because they were unable to use dry shampoo in powder form (hello, gray hair!) and expressed the idea that we should create one suitable for brunettes, too.  I could not have been more on board with the idea; research began, and the rest was history!

Anna: It really was a “eureka” moment I had in the car one day – I was thinking about how blondes could use baby powder as dry shampoo and how easy it should be to make a brown powder for the brunettes to use!  Wanting some validation, I shared my idea with Lo and with her encouragement and excitement we hopped on the internet, ordered some products, and started experimenting.

-What is the best part of working together as best friends?

Lo: There are so many positives that it’s hard to narrow them down. We have so much fun creating, brainstorming, and sampling product, plus the extra bonus- we can work in our pajamas on this, ha! The comfier the better. We also have the same foundational vision and always have each other’s best interest at heart.

Anna: Working together as best friends has been such an adventure and a blessing – we balance each other out really well and often think of things from different perspectives so that has been beneficial for our business.  It’s also been fun to learn how to be business owners and entrepreneurs together and just figure things out as we go!

-Lo, your twin sister + brother-in-law joined the team as well! What is the best part the two of them being part of Stranded with the two of you?

Lo: It feels like a full-on family business! It is so special.  Each one of us has completely different roles, too, so it makes Stranded very manageable + we are not trying to wear too many hats! We each do what we are skilled in and passionate about, work really well as a team, and have a lot of laughs in the process!

-What is the biggest success to-date for Stranded?

Anna: The positive reception we have had from consumers has felt like such a success to me – you always think you have a good idea but you never really know until people other than family members willingly seek out your product 🙂 Also, being featured on the Jamie Ivey holiday gift guide podcast felt like a real win to me.

-Any dreams/goals for Stranded that you can share?

Lo: We are actually in the midst of rebranding which sounds kind of funny since we so recently launched, but we learned so much last year and are making little shifts for long terms goals and focus! We also hope to alter the way people define and view beauty. We want to be in the beauty industry to help shift the meaning of beauty – it sounds a bit ironic, but that is our biggest foundational goal! We would also love to launch other products as we continue growing and learning.

-The fact that Stranded is for all hair colors is so amazing…has that always been an important part of the brand philosophy?

Lo: They was the philosophy that gave us a vision and a launching pad for sure. We hope to make people’s lives easier by lessening the time it takes to do your hair, and hair powder (which we feel works best in the dry shampoo world) was for the most part, only limited to blondes to use, since it was offered in only a white color. We wanted to change that!

Anna: Yes! It is so important to us that we are inclusive of all hair colors and we hope to continue growing the range of colors so that a simplified beauty routine is accessible for all people.

-It must be so fun to be able to share this dry shampoo product that you girls care so much about with the world. What has been the most rewarding part of that journey?

Anna: The most rewarding part of the journey has been when my brunette and redhead friends want me to guess how long its been since they’ve washed their hair, and then give a sly hair flip and a raise of the eyebrow, singing the praises of Stranded all the while. It feels good to have provided a clean beauty product that is becoming a staple in my friends’ beauty routines.

-Stranded is crafted with clean ingredients, making it safe and toxin-free. Why is that so important to you all as a brand?

Lo: We have learned so much about how detrimental toxins in beauty products are to our health. We wanted to offer something that not only betters your quality of life and confidence, but something that sustains good health as well!

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