Radiant With Joy

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When spending time in my She Reads Truth Bible the other day (while listening to All Sons & Daughters on repeat), a line in Psalm 34 really took hold of me. Psalm 34:5…”Those who look to Him are radiant with joy, their faces will never be ashamed.”

Those who look to Him are radiant with joy. WOW. What seems like a simple statement is really filled with so much power, truth, and hope. We have probably all read Psalm 34 many times, but this line stopped me and caused my heart to flutter a bit and my mind to fixate on the words. As children of God, we have the gift, opportunity, and blessing to truly be radiant with joy, as we look to Him.

This truth fills me with so much joy. If we look to Him, we will be radiant with joy. This is freedom, this is life, and this is truly the only way that I want to live! Focusing on Him, thanking Him, worshiping Him, loving Him and loving others like He does, and keeping Him first and foremost in our minds and hearts everyday is some of what looking to Him involves. Spending time in His Word, spending time with Him in prayer, and ultimately living with Him by inviting Him into every aspect of our days and lives.

As we do this, He has promised that we will be radiant with joy. The real, sustaining, never-ending, fulfilling, deep kind of joy that is true despite our circumstances. Even in hard times, we will be radiant with joy if we look to Him. The more I think about this, mediate on it, and let this truth take deep roots in my heart, I start to become emotional and overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness, greatness, and grace. He loves us so much and so perfectly and has promised us so much. We just need to look to Him always.

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  • LT

    I love how the Word speaks to us in ways we need…the part of that verse that woke me up was the “and will not be ashamed”. So much of our culture shames us…for our looks, our shortcomings, our mistakes, our very essence…I think shameful experiences shape our early lives.

    But looking at and with Jesus empowers us with freedom …we are joyful and in that joy our shame is melted away…blown away…actually just removed as though it never was. Finding ways to realize this truth, whether it is through discussion, or new decisions, or prayer, is our work to do. Let’s embrace and rest in our unique humanness and gaze at the Love that embraces us!!!

  • holy

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said, Lauren! God loves us SO much, it’s impossible to contain his never ending love. We have to do our part and share the Good News, being Him! To have the ability to be able to stand proud and loud about being God’s children is the best gift possible. A transformation has to happen. One simply cannot remain the same once you’ve felt and found the profound love of God.

    I also love and read She Reads Truth — love their bible & added explanations and educational designs.

    Let’s all be glad and rejoice in Him.

    Love from your sister in Christ,

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