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Over the years we have heard people speak about fasting to further their relationship with Jesus, focus on prayer, get still, be open to wisdom, and help to receive clarity in the midst big decisions. Spiritual fasting has always seemed like this incredibly powerful biblical act, and therefore quite intimidating. Part of the intimidation factor could be a fast metabolism and the reality of hanger…it is so real, guys!

In all seriousness though, we have been in awe of, talking about, and researching spiritual fasting a lot lately and came across this article. These words really spoke to us about the value of the act of fasting and conveyed freedom in the fact that we can make fasting our own- there really isn’t one way right way to do it and the duration and frequency is up to us. The most freeing realization is that it is a building process…start slow and then grow into it. Once we realized this, the intimidation factor went away.

Melissa recently fasted a few times by skipping dinner…so she went about 18-22 hours without solid food, but still had water, matcha, tea, and even a cup of bone broth one day. She said that when she would normally be ravenous after work, she had a mug of bone broth or tea instead, then focused on prayer and reading the Bible and a devotional before bed and upon waking up. Getting over the initial hunger was hard, but she stayed focused on Jesus and really enjoyed the experience. Even though it wasn’t a full day, she described having a very clear mind during it and after it, plus a sense of being free of worry, extremely trusting and calm, and able to tune out the noise of the world and focus on her relationship with Jesus. 

As with anything like this, consult a loved one and/or doctor before fasting. We are definitely inspired by spiritual fasting and would love to hear from you in the comments section. Have you tried it? xo


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  • Lindsay Rodriguez

    I’d been in several awful relationships and was just exhausted. I heard of spiritual fasting and decided to try and pray about God helping me find the right person to be with. I fasted and prayed for 3 days. It felt so good. At the end of my fast I wad fine with being single and working on myself instead of worrying about finding a man. Two weeks later, I met my now husband. He’s wonderful and perfect for me. God knew exactly what I needed. I truly believe because of the fasting and prayer God brought me the love of my life. Now anytime I have major decision or something weighing on my heart I fast. My decision is always so clear at the end!

  • Zaida Vasconcelos

    I love this;) thank you for posting about spiritual fast.
    I look up to you❤️
    I believe spiritual fasting it’s not just food. Last year before going to Ecuador mission trip . I fasted from watching T.V and social media such as Instagram and Facebook. It was one of the most rewarding and edifying experience. I was not only able to have more face to face connections, catch up with friends I haven’t seen in along time but the most important I choose to read my Bible during those times even if it’s one chapter a day. For the first days I would fall asleep easily or I just wouldn’t understand, what the scriptures were saying. I did this fasting for two months prior mission trip. By the third week, I began to hunger for God’s word often recalling the verse of which says on Mathew 4:4 “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”
    . I began to know him in a more personal and intimate way. Making my relationship with him more authentic and special. Not just that but God began speaking to me, and providing and opening doors in such a way that I was amazed and surprised about the blessings and the people he used to support me for mission.

  • Madelyn

    A while back, I fasted from food and all electroinics. It was hard at first, but it drew me closer to God and made me rely on Him completely. I also received the clarity I was seeking!

  • Susan Ragonese

    I have never fasted but like you am also intrigued by it. After all, Jesus fasted and He is the Son of God. Also, when the disciples couldn’t cast out a demon from a man, Jesus told them that this type required prayer and fasting to be cast out, interesting…

  • Charity H

    I grew up in a religious organization that places pretty deep emphasis on fasting, and our family had a regular fast day every week. While I don’t hold with everything this organization believes now, I still continue this practice in a modified way: I fast from dinner to dinner (skipping breakfast and lunch on one day) and include beverages that keep me going throughout the day (matcha, juice – only excluding coffee). On this day I also choose to listen only to programs or music that are spirit-oriented so that I’m fully saturating myself in a spiritual “rest” day. Giving my body rest from processing food, and also giving my heart and mind a reset for spirit-friendly “food.”

    On a practical basis, it’s a refreshing reset every week, and on a spiritual level, it intensifies my relationship with God by increasing focus on personal spiritual growth. Win-Win!

  • Lauren McAfee

    I love this Lauren! Fasting is something I was completely intimidated by for so long, and just in the past few months decided to try. It was really meaningful. Starting small was key for me!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this encouragement 🙂

  • Katie

    This is interesting, and I appreciate your fresh, soulful perspective on it. My family took part in spiritual fasting growing up, and it really distorted my relationship with food. I think it can be positive when your mindset is truly on God and you are mature enough to understand the goals, but I’ve seen young girls (and older women/men) pride themselves on fasting when dieting is really the goal. As always, I admire you and your message and the spirit with which you share it.

  • Michelle

    Hello Lauren,

    Thank you so much for posting about spiritual fasting. The last 10+ years I have spiritually fasted for many reasons. The first time I fasted was in brokenness and desperation for marriage restoration. During that first fast it wasn’t hard to fast food because nothing made sense to my life and food wasn’t important, I needed God and His answers more! I recall God restoring me of my past hurts, unforgivness and judgment within my heart. As I grew in the Lord, I continued to make fasting part of my daily faith walk. God opened up my spiritual senses to pray not just for myself and my husband’s heart but for loved ones salvations, breakthroughs, business wisdom and financial decisions.

    Spiritual fasting definitely draws me closer to God. I am able to hear when He calls me by my name or needs to reveal specific vision and things in my life. The best is being in His presence.

  • Stacy

    I’m not sure about spiritual fasting at all, I’ve never tried it before. But moments before stumbling onto this article I prayed to God to reveal His will in a major decision in my life. Maybe God is trying to tell me but my headspace and schedule are not clear enough for me to hear Him. So i’ll give it a shot, more Jesus time can’t hurt!

  • Judy

    Interesting read… as a church we completed our 21 day fast. And even though I gave up 1 thing I decided to quit noise of chat groups and become more quiet. Taking my focus off people and focusING on Jesus and being pushed to love like He does…reading the book of John as i get to know Jesus… still in process #thereismore

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