All The Hair Days

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Friends, we are talkin’ bout all the hair days today on LSK! From wash days to many non-wash days, this is our go-to routine & must-have products for simplicity, effectiveness, and cleanliness.

We are believers in washing our hair about 3 times a week. I find that my hair is healthier and happier when I wash it less and let natural oils work their magic. On these days, here are the two must have items: a shhhowercap + stranded dry shampoo powder! Melissa raves about her shhhowercap & shared with me how effective it is (keeps her hair totally dry in the shower) + practical it is (can be machine-washed) + the style is chic and makes you feel pretty glam with it on. Shout-out to Lee From America for the recommendation. It might seem a little expensive for a shower cap, but it is so worth it in the long-run and much more preferable than a plastic cap, in our opinion. To get to know about my dry shampoo brand, read this Q&A with my bestie/co-founder!

When the day comes to wash the locks, we love rahua shampoo + conditioner because they are both clean, safe, and toxin-free. We know the struggle of finding natural shampoo and conditioners that actually work, but rahua totally does! It is a little expensive, but worth the investment. The next must-have is this turban towel by aquis to wrap your wet hair in post-washing. I have talked about it before on IG stories and seriously cannot sing enough praises for this genius invention!

images by Jesy McKinney 

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