Clean Stuff Edit | No. 1

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Hey guys! As you know I have two Instagram accounts- my personal account & then @thecleanstuff where I round-up clean, toxin-free, safe and pure products that I have tried and love. I am so passionate about clean products and get so excited to share new finds with you guys, so we are going to start a new series on the blog- the clean stuff edit, where we will share five current clean obsessions in each edit. Scroll down for what we are loving right now and be sure to stay up-to-date over at @thecleanstuff.

bed sheets // boll  & branch

Sleeping on natural, organic sheets is so important- just think about how many hours each day night we spend in bed! Putting our skin on organic sheets is crucial to my peace of mind, even though they are more expensive. To me, it is totally worth the investment!

cleaning concentrate // branch basics 

We share our love for this plant-based cleaning company often, but their concentrate is literally the best. It can be used in so many different ways (from dishes, to all-purpose cleaner, hand-wash, laundry, & beyond) and their starter kit makes everything so simple.

beauty cream // primally pure 

Primally Pure’s products are the best of best, formulated with nature’s most beautiful and pure ingredients. Their beauty cream, made with blue tansy + 4 other simple ingredients, enriches your skin and reduces inflammation. We use it regularly and can tell you that our faces love it!

active botanical serum // vintner’s daughter

So I actually do not use this because I am sadly allergic to hazelnut oil, but Melissa uses it and LOVES IT. It is formulated with 22 natural oils, all wildcrafted ingredients, that truly feed your skin with the best nutrients, day & night, giving it a healthy glow when you wake up and throughout the day.

soft focus foundation // vapour beauty 

A toxin-free foundation that is the perfect balance of being light while still providing coverage. It serves as the perfect finish, without being too heavy. So thrilled that I found this effective foundation that is safe and beautiful!

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