Healthy Burger Night Recipe

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Do you guys sometimes just crave a burger?  Like a really good one? We do! This is a go-to healthy burger night recipe for me and Jase during the week for a yummy dinner. It would also make the perfect burger recipe to use for a summer cookout. This time I modified the goop recipe and used grass-fed bison meat from our local farmer’s market instead of ground chicken.

Check out the recipe for all the details, but here are a few notes! I cooked the burgers on the stove using ghee– my favorite for burgers because it has such a yummy flavor and is a healthy fat. The recipe calls for red chili and fish sauce, but I passed on those.

Those red/pink things that you see are roasted watermelon beets! They make a great a side. The french fries are a white sweet potato that I sliced up in the shape of fries, covered with olive oil, pepper, dill, and Himalayan pink salt, then roasted in the oven at 400 degrees until they became a little crispy.

Hope you enjoy this recipe if you give it a try! P.S. We plan on sharing more simple recipes (like this one) that are in our recipe file more often here on the blog! What do you think? They will be filed under the Wellness section of the blog, under recipes.

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