Why I Love Beach Escapes

768 1024 Lauren Kennedy

The beach, the sun, and water are all my happy place. I immediately feel relaxed, settled, and give myself permission to detach when I am in that environment. ​Oh! And did I mention my husband is my all-time happy place? Trips with him are so renewing and life giving + we love them because it is a great way to unwind and reconnect after living daily life in the LA grind.

The two of us have the same vacation pace – to play every day by ear and relax as much as possible! Even if we are in a big beach city, such as Miami, we love feeling like we are in the middle of nowhere during the day. The feeling of escape is pure bliss + I am a sun lover, so I like to be in it as much as possible!

I am so thankful for trips like these, where I can slow down and remember the important things in life + separate from the to-dos and responsibilities. The breaks and the moments of rest have truly become a top priority in our life.


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