A Medicine Hat

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I have come to realize that you are either a hat person or you are not. Do you guys agree? Ever since I was a little girl, I immediately felt and still feel in my element wearing one. A hat makes me feel put together and creative simultaneously, and to get a little deeper, you know when you put a note on your mirror to remind yourself of a positive perspective or an encouraging word? Putting something on my head personally takes on this same role. It reminds me to have intention about my thoughts throughout the entire day. I am obsessed with the Lauren hat made by the lovely Water & Bird. I was so humbled when she named the medicine hat after me to represent gratitude + the act of transforming fear and trauma into growth and healing.


Oh, and P.S! Hats add so much  ease to a day! It eliminates the need for a good dry shampoo or a hair wash and style. Some days, we just need a break, right? Talk about a win win…you look polished + it acts as a time saver.

We would love to hear from you below! Yay or nay to hats? xo

images by Felicia Lasala 


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