Clean Stuff Edit | No. 3

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Clean edit #3 is here! Scroll down for five products that we are loving right now. As always, follow @thecleanstuff for constant product updates + read clean edits one and two for more! xo

*pursoma resurrection bath

Our friends at pursoma were so kind and sent us each this bath to try and both Lauren and I can confirm it is AMAZING- powerfully rejuvenating, extremely relaxing, and resulted in the best sleep of our lives! The ingredients are pure, raw, and vegan and the purpose is to rid the body of toxins, resulting in relaxation and then restored energy.

*primally pure body butter

This is a must-have for moisturized skin! As you know by now, we are mega fans of primally pure. Their products are made with the purest ingredients and all serve to nourish your skin deeply.

*cocokind chapstick

Toxin-free chapstick is so important!! Applying cocokind to your lips will be good for your lips, but also good for your peace of mind, knowing that the ingredient are clean and safe.

*branch basics foaming wash

We are forever fans of branch basics and are so thankful for their clean, safe concentrate formula. Different amounts of concentrate + water result in all purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, foaming wash and so much more. The foaming wash is extra-special because not only does it clean your hands (and we no how important that is) but it can also double as dish wash soap.

*coola spray sunscreen

Toxin-free sunscreen that is also mess-free? Sign us up! Spraying on sunscreen is so convenient and using SPF protection that is crafted with clean ingredients is vital to our health!

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