That Mother-Daughter Relationship

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There really is nothing quite like a mother-daughter relationship. It is a beautifully messy, totally unique, and completing transforming relationship that develops over time as we continue to come into the women that God created us to be. As daughters, we are so blessed to have mothers that have always inspired us, taught us, challenged us, forgiven us, loved us, laughed with us, cried with us, and simply just been there for us with all their love, strength, and patience…day after day and year and year.

There is so much my mom has taught me just by being herself. I have learned the beauty of femininity, how to make a home cozy and comfortable, how to be strong and resilient with grace, how to be firmly rooted in faith in Jesus, how to love others well, how to be healthy from the inside out, and so much more. I have witnessed her doing these things with such joy my whole life and without knowing that it was happening at the time, I was learning the art of becoming a woman because of the way she lives and loves.

Sending warm wishes to to all the moms and daughters always, but especially this mother’s day weekend. Enjoy it! xo

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