Why We Love Wooden Cleaning Brushes

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Have you guys converted to wooden cleaning brushes yet? We are totally hooked on these plastic-free options for washing dishes, scrubbing the tub, cleaning the toilet, sweeping floors, and more household chores. If you buy high-quality wooden cleaning tools, the bristles will be made out of more natural fibers instead of plastic.

Below are our favorite options. Sur La Table and Amazon are great resources for these items and they aren’t too expensive. Plus, these brushes last for a long time since they are high-quality. Also, not that this is necessary, but wooden brushes are so much more aesthetically pleasing than those plastic (normally bright) brushes and brooms! The natural colors look really nice in our kitchens, so it is a win-win.

Most importantly though, we have such peace of mind cleaning with non-plastic tools and using non-toxic cleaning solutions (like branch basics) when doing dishes, cleaning the tub, toilet, floors, and surfaces in our homes. No plastic, no toxins! That makes for a happy home situation.

Do you already use wooden cleaning brushes? If not, have you thought about it? Click below to check out our favorites!

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  • Karen Malt

    Hi Lauren,
    When I was a little girl growing up in my parents home in the 70’s everything was made of natural fibers. I can still remember her wooden dust broom and long handled wooden broom both with natural bristles. So happy to see there is a desire to rid our homes of plastic and get back to basics! Enjoy your posts and the product suggestions!

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