Five Primally Pure Items I Use Every Day

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Do you know those beauty items that you are so attached to that they actually cause you anxiety when they start to get low? When their quantity is at a disconcerting level that you start to wonder if panic should ensue or if you need to take a few deep breaths because you still have a few days left? That is how we feel about our primally pure collection.  Below are five items I use every day from primally pure and am totally dependent on. And guess what? Use the code LSK10 to receive 10% off your primally pure purchase…! Enjoy. We love PP for their clean skincare philosophy- crafted with the most pure, most natural, most wonderful ingredients. xo

Lip Balm 

I never go anywhere without this! This lip balm keeps my lips moisturized all day long and I use it before bed as well.

Beauty Cream

Moisturizing my skin with this beauty cream morning and night is crucial! It gives my skin a dewy look during the day and works overnight so I wake up fresh-faced.

Body Butter

Want soft, moisturized skin 24/7? Use this. My skin soaks this body butter right up! It is great to use right after the shower.

Charcoal Deodorant 

We have talked about this deodorant many times on LSK because it is THAT GOOD and good for you- totally free of harsh and dangerous chemicals that many deodorants on the market sadly contain.

Complexion Mist 

I spray this mist on my face each morning post-wash and pre- makeup. It is the perfect extra-dose of natural ingredients!

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