My Favorite Curling Iron

1024 780 Melissa Mayer

You guys! I am so excited about this post because finding hair tools that you love, work well, and last is a big deal. When HAI offered to send us their new curling iron to try, I was so excited, but was even more excited when I tried it and realized that it was SO. GOOD. Hands down, this is now my favorite curling iron. It heats up so fast, you can change the heat settings, and it works in no time. You barely have to keep the hair on before you have a perfect curl.

HAI’s curling iron makes it extra easy to do my hair on the daily since it’s so easy and quick to use. I never have to fret about how long it will take or how my hair will turn out- the results are consistently great every single time! Such a big win for daily hair styling. PLUS, do you see that price? Under $60, so a very good deal! If you know anyone else that is need of a new curling iron, send this link! They won’t be disappointed 🙂



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