Our Only True Satisfaction

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We frequently mention the devotional New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp because it is seriously that good. For every day of the year there is a page full of wisdom, inspiration, and Truth penned by Tripp and completely tied to Scripture.

On May 24th, Tripp talks about our heart’s search for satisfaction here on earth. We can so easily look to things and people here on earth to satisfy our heart’s longing for love, happiness, and complete satisfaction. The thing is, though, that our Father did design our hearts to search for satisfaction and to be satisfied, but not by or in earthly things.

“All those things that we think will bring us contentment and joy will fail to deliver. What we need in life is Him, and by grace, He is with us, in us, and for us.” – Paul Tripp

Our hearts, so tender and loving, can only be satisfied by the Creator himself. Every time our hearts long for that satisfying, complete, real love, it is longing for closeness to God, it is reaching up toward him, and it is a need for the love that only comes from Him alone.

“Your sense of well-being is intended to come from a reliance on his wisdom, power, and love.” -Paul Tripp

It is by grace that we find peace. It is by grace that the searching ends. It is by grace that our hearts find rest. It is by grace that we feel at home with Him. Without Him in the center of our lives and as the focus of our lives, we would be on a constant search for true peace and satisfaction that we would never find.

“By grace, we have been given everything we could ever need, in Him.” -Paul Tripp

Long story short, without Him, we would be so hopelessly lost…searching, reaching, struggling, striving, and stressing. Instead, we have hope, peace, rest, love, and grace. Thank you, Jesus!

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