My Clean Makeup Routine

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I could talk about clean beauty and toxin-free products every single day! Who’s with me? To catch up on all clean beauty posts, just click here and also check out @thecleanstuff on IG- it is my second Instagram account to serve as a library of all clean beauty and skincare products that I love, as are the clean stuff edits here on LSK. Today I am sharing my clean makeup routine for a simple, everyday, minimalist makeup kind of look. Enjoy!

First off, I love to sit down in front of a large standup mirror where there is the best natural light. This makes for simple and successful application, as well as comfort! I always throw on this robe, too, post-shower and pre-makeup. Keep scrolling for the products that I use on makeup days! I am definitely a fan of going makeup-free some days, too. Gotta let that skin breathe 🙂

For the eyes: ere perez brow gel, antonym cosmetics brow pencil, w3ll people mascara, and ilia shadow stick

For the face: w3ll people tinted moisturizer, rms uncover-up, vapour foundation, rms bronzer, and kosas blush/highlight duo

I am so passionate about clean makeup as you know…putting pure ingredients on my face gives me such peace of mind throughout the day. Keeping my makeup routine simple brings me joy as well- quality over quantity! I also like the natural look, so keeping the products minimal and the ingredients pure helps with that.

What about you guys? Would love to hear your beauty routine in a comment below + share with us any of your go-to clean products! xo


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