Three Bath Soaks We Love

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Here at LSK, we are BIG fans of evening baths. There is truly not much more relaxing that a warm bath after a busy day. Who agrees!? Below are three baths soaks that we love- complete with salts and clean ingredients that are refreshing and relaxing to our bodies. Bathing before bedtime is extra special, as it leads to a wonderful night’s sleep. Check out the short list below and be inspired to light a candle, pour a big glass of water with slices of fresh cucumber, and turn on your favorite relaxing playlist.

*goop recovery bath soak

recover from a long day with this relaxing soak, full of clean ingredients that are good for your body and provide peace of mind.

*pursoma resurrection bath soak

a deeply purifying bath that removes the body of toxins and restores it to a hydrated and cleansed state, unburdened and relaxed.

*primally pure sea soak

made with salts, clays, and seaweeds meant to relax your body and restore it with healthy minerals- a soak that feels good and does good.

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