Wellness Notes | Part 2

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Hey guys! As you know, I am so passionate about all things health and wellness and a BIG part of that is our diets. Feeling our best has a lot to do with what we feed and fuel our bodies with, so I am very particular about what I eat and drink!

See below for a few notes about my personal eating habits. Also, we are excited to say that more recipes will be coming to LSK + to your inbox soon as we start exclusive content for email subscribers…coming soon! For now, check out this wellness notes post– part 1!

I make a smoothie every morning filled with avocado, herbs, collagen, MCT oil, clean almond milk, and blueberries. It is so delicious! Before that though, I make fresh celery juice, per Dr. Cole’s recommendation for gut health.

Details on both to come soon!

My diet is filled with Kombucha for gut health and extra energy during the day. I love to snack on seasnax, Dang coconut chips (the sea salt ones), tiger nuts, and the lime Siete chips.

When I am eating out, I lean towards wild fish cooked in healthy fats, grass fed and finished meat, and I avoid dairy, grains, sugar and gluten. Sometimes, I enjoy my cheat meal though with a glass of wine! 

What about you guys?? I would love to hear your tips and tricks for feeling your best! xo

  • Kingsley Gray

    Hi Lauren,

    I Love this! Do you know if one can you get all the ingredients you use ( for things like ur smoothies) anywhere in London? Would a place like Wholefoods have it all?

    I suffer SO badly from IBS and for some reason ( even after having a colonic a couple of months ago) I have been in SO much pain in my gut this last week. It’s actually so sore at times that it makes me feel faint and have cold sweats. A little worrying. So I think ( other than what I’ve been doing for a long time – with cutting out gluten, carbs, red meat etc) I’m going to have to make a drastic change in what I put into my body. So I’d love to know any tips you have to give regarding healthy eating etc.

    Thank you for sharing it with us!
    And Happy 30th by the way! I hope you’re having an amazing time with ur fam and that this next season in your life is so full of blessing and exciting adventure!


  • Cindy

    I am trying to decide on becoming a flexitarian and it seems that is the way I am headed with wild caught and grass fed meets .. What grains do you avoid and if you eat any kind of bread what is it? Thank you .. Just love following you and Jason .. You both live the way my family lives and it’s refreshing to see .. My email is Onnie4cute@yahoo.com… You are awesome .. Keep up the good work you are doing Lauren ❤️

  • Lauren

    Recipe ideals would be great! I’ve always thought about going gluten and dairy free but don’t know where to start when it comes to good recipes!

  • Dana Floyd

    Hey Lauren…..thank you SO much for posting this. Much of what you are doing sounds like what my oncologist is suggesting that I switch to. The no sugar (cancer feeder), gluten, grains etc…..It can be overwhelming when you first start to figure all of this out so I am thankful that I can follow you along your path. Blessings my friend, Dana

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