When In The Wilderness

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Let us first start out by saying that Christine Caine’s newest book, Unexpected, is the inspiration for this post and a must-read for all. It is so gripping in the most God-loving, life-changing way! It is a book that you won’t easily be able to put down because it is full of words and truths that your heart and mind thirst for and will soak right up.

There was one chapter that especially rocked my world titled “When the Unexpected Disheartens.” In this chapter, Christine shares a friend’s story of experiencing a season of incredible growth due to a period of being in the wilderness. I think we can all relate to seasons of life spent in the wilderness; these seasons are scary and they are unexpected. However, as Christine shares, it is often the wilderness when and where God works big-time, and when and where we really grow, bloom, and flourish into the people we were created by Him to be.

On page 128, Christine writes: “We all have wilderness seasons in our lives, times when everything that feels familiar, stable, and comforting falls away. But that’s exactly why the wilderness is a place of transformation. With nothing to distract us from ourselves, and with no one but God to rely on, the conditions are ripe for growth and change. If we embrace the wilderness wholeheartedly, it becomes a place in which we are freed from our bondage to fear, insecurity, and disappointment.”- Christine Caine, Unexpected 

Thinking of the wilderness as “a place of transformation” turns the wilderness into a hopeful place instead of a fearful one. It is not always easy to see that in the thick of it, but if we can keep moving forward with our eyes fixated on God and trust that he is at work in us in the wilderness, we will grow through it victoriously. As Christine says, the wilderness can ultimately lead to freedom if we let God work in us completely and if we embrace the process fully. I love picturing the Lord literally carrying us through wilderness seasons; so gently, yet firmly, full of grace, love, wisdom, and sovereignty.

Hillsong United’s song, Wonder, also expresses this positive outlook on wilderness seasons in our lives:

I see the world in grace
I see the world in gospel
I see the world Your way
And I’m walking in the light
I’m walking in the wonder
You’re the wonder in the wild
Turning wilderness to wonder

Wilderness into wonder…only God can do such a thing! Praise be to Him for knowing just what we need to go through in order to get closer to Him, so He can get us to where He wants us…where is BEST for us.

Are you going through a wilderness season now or have been through one that forever changed you in the best way possible? We would love to be inspired by your story and pray for you as well. xo


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  • Rhonah

    Yes I have been through a wilderness season. It was a tough one but it grew so close to God. I lost my mother last year on the 13th of February and it was a very sudden death. I look back to last year and to this year and all I can say is the Lord really loves me. I felt his love so deeply and it transformed everything about me.
    Thank you so much Lauren for making the pain bearable through this blog. The posts are ever encouraging and always raise hope.
    PS. You are my all time inspiration

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