Morning Must-Have: Celery Juice

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As you guys know from Instagram stories, I am totally into my morning celery juice routine! In all seriousness though, celery juice is a morning must-have for me. With so many health benefits, drinking celery juice first thing on an empty stomach has proven itself to be great for gut health by improving digestion and immensely limiting bloating and indigestion. I’ve been on a gut-healing journey with the wisdom and guidance of Dr. Cole, and the addition of celery juice in my daily diet has been a game-changer!

After six months of diligently enacting my gut healing protocol, I was still experiencing daily bloating and started experiencing constipation. Feeling hopeless, he prescribed me to do this every morning an hour before I ate food, and my bloating stopped within two days and I haven’t been bloated since + my energy has improved significantly!

I use a whole stalk of celery and juice it using my juicer. So simple, and I swear by it! Also, this article is a must-read if you are intrigued by this celery juice situation. It is extremely informational and confirms a lot of what I describe in this post. Have you guys tried celery juice yet? Let me know in the comments below and keep sharing your celery juice adventures on Instagram!


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